Monday, November 14, 2005

I have no drive.

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

25% Yankee

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

I saw this looking at someone else log thought I would try it. It is sorta fun.
I need to make sweaters for many people but that last project just took it out of me. I will get it back soon but for now I am beat.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I am finally finished. I am proud of myself. Now that I finished those I am not satisfied. I want to make a Chanel sweater. I got a palm pilot and I am loving keeping all my information in there. I am new to it but I am getting use to it. I will love having my patterns right at hand. Need to figure out how to print but one step at a time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Am Almost Finished

I have begun to stitch around or sew down my stars. My stars are a bit haphazard and I would like to take the placket off the back shoulder and put it on the front shoulder. I think I know how to do button holes so I will do that but now since my money is funny I got to find some buttons. I had wanted to buy some from AC Moore something jazzy but that isn’t going to happen. I am using cream crochet thread to go around the stars. It looks country or rustic I like it. Yes, I am tooting my own horn J!I keep thinking about waste canvas. Maybe I should make Lela something. The stitches were so small though.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Still No Sleeves

I still do not have any sleeves nor stars. I have no ideas what I am waiting for? I really do not want to scramble around in two weeks trying to get this stuff ready. You know I am not liking the collars on these sweaters I am thinking that I need to make them longer. The ducks are partially finished. I made six duck washcloths and I put them up somewhere and I have no idea where I put them!Those were for the shower as well. The ducks do not really go with the shower gift they are for someone else. I made a red pink and white hat that the red duck will go well with I wonder if I have enough time to make her a sweater? I have enough red. Not sure about the pink and the white. we will see.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I have one sweater made I told you that. But I did not tell you that I have made my very first flag sweater! I have yet to put the sleeves on then I have to put the stars on and then the buttons. But I have it. This may seem crazy but I think I want a flag poncho. I have this Cape Cod blue yarn that is just the best. I am going to make the triangle blanket found in Vougue on the go baby knits two book. I look at the patterns in the book and see which one I can do on the machine. I did the dcuk blanket that way. Actually I bought the book for the duck blanket. I could not get that blanket off my mind. I hated buying the book because I am not that grand of a hand knitter. Just yesterday I figured out how to do the cast on where you you go under your thumb them under your finger and back throught your thumb. I got som more knitting needles. My point is that Now that I spent 13 on a book I can't really use I better find a way other than a coaster. Now this maybe illegal but i don't really post the patterns I was told to say how I did it. I don't post the graph which was all I really needed. I was thinking about making a book called how I did it with My knitting machine (that doesn't really sound right) Something more like how I created it with my knitting machine. So Coleen's son will have a mix of crocheted and knitted items. I use Gina Ahren's pattern alot as my base and i go from there. I need to get on the ball and create sweaters for my daughter brfore she decides she does not want handmade sweaters. I got the best plan for a twin set. May I should try one of those tonight since she is at her granny's. I am trying to stay at home so that I wont spend any moeny but the money is burning hole in my pocket.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Duck Washcloths

I have an idea for babyshower gifts, Duck dish cloths. I was making a duck toy from the free bernat pattern I got from the internet. I made it out of cotton and I thought this would make a good wash cloth. So I would like to find a pattern to go with the theme for Coleen's son but if not I will use the Ducks. I want to get her all bath products to go with the bath tub. Matching towels would be great. Or make some out of that terry yarn. I got some in the house some where I need to find it. But that is all for now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Baby Mock Rib Pullover

Here is my first mock rib pullover. I used gina Ahrens pullover pattern and Kangamoo knits mock rib pattern. I got one thing accomplish for the baby shower. I had to start this sweater over three times. I did that cable knit one twice already so I need to do it one more time then maybe I wll get it. I am worried about the width of sweater. I want ot create it without doing a swatch. that is my problem. but I did a good job on this one. I even made a placket that little piece sticking up from the shoulder. I am going to put a button to close the neck and three buttons to hold the placket down. I did this because the neck opening is way too small. I used key palte 4 to make larger. And it even fits Lela but the sleeves are not long enough. I may add more rows to the beginning. Like I didi with the bootie. I put 20 rows to the pattern and used keyplate 4 and it fits her feet. Lets not talk about the shopping cart cover. That is still not finished. I only have the casing left to do and some finishing touches. But the casing is killing me. When I did it by hand and folded over an inch my seam was not perfect or wide enough so I could not get my elastic through. And pulling it through was killing me. So I am going to buy some bias tape to be the casing and now I have to wait to get some money! see cannot win for losing. But you know what I found my Stitch witch maybe I can try that!

Friday, August 26, 2005

My first attempt

This is actually my second attempt at the Knitted scrubbie or actually my third because this is the third one I made. The first one came out like a candy wrapper. The second one came out like the picture but it was soild. My hole is not exactly in the center so mine does not look exactly like the picture. it looks like I have too many rows. I am so happy I got something similar. I would like it to be bigger.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

1 down more to go

I completed and gave Kenyetta her baby shower gift. the pics are at this link. They are the red and black sweater and the black diaper bag with the red lady bugs. Now I got to finsh the shopping cart cover. I saw some quilted fabric at Walmart. The next one I make will be of that fabric it wll be easier. Just cut out the leg holes and making a casing. I wonder If I could use fold over elastic. because if so I will have it made. I am telling you if these come out right I wll be selling them at homecoming. I am interested in the hip hugger sling. So I can carry Lela around at Wholesale Alley instead of that big stroller. bring a backpack and the sling we will see i got a few weeks.

Monday, August 15, 2005

I am getting there

Yesterday I made the ladybug bag. They sorta look like butterflies but the bag is done so I am not going to complain. It could be better but it is good for my first try. I even did the bottle bag that came with it. I am going to try and take picture of the entire set. I made two jackets, a pair of booties and a hat. the bootie and hat are for right now when she is teeny tiny. I will use a paint pen next time. I stenciled the ladybugs on then I outlined it with puff paint. I haven't puffed it and I don't think I will. I wanted to put her name on it but I have alwasy heard you should not put children's names on their clothes or belongings. I have again tried my hand at converting a hand knit pattern into machine knit I will let you know how that goes. I am supposed to finsh my shopping cart cover this sunday. I would like to make a lady bug one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Get off my tail

I need to fix my machine either one. I have grown accustomed to my tiny tailor. I need to use my brother. It gets jammed everytime I use it I took it apart and I was going to take it get serviced but of course funds are not what they need to be. I think I am going to call and see how much one more time I thinkhe said $75. He said it needed to be cleaned. I just hope that once it gets fixed that It works great. I have a yard of toile calling my name. What I am going to do with it I don't know. I have a wristlet pattern I have not even opened. That would be great. A toile wristlet for homecoming. Yes it is homecoing time agin and I need to prepare. Anyway all I need for my tiny tailor is the bobbin I wonder if I could switch out the plastic one that came with it for a metal one. It is probably in the box in my closet I just don't feel like looking for it. I will try tonight.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Baby Steps

All I got done this weekend was the cutting out of the holes and it is even that is good. So now I just have to sew it. I thought by hand was going to be easy but not when you are a human jungle gym. I might poke the baby so going to have to get the sewing machine working so I can be done quicker. I started my first layette set. I actually only started my first bootie I got the ribbing done. I am going to do a cream heel and cream toe. A red sweater with cream ribbing. With cream buttons. I need to do something with black because I have black buttons. I am getting things done slowly or like I said baby steps. But they are getting done.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Trial and Error

I started my shopping cart cover. I cut the holes wrong. So I cut them off and redrew them. When I go home tonight I will cut them out. Hopefully I got it right. Now I need to get my sewing machine working . But it is ok if it is not because I will do it by hand no biggy. I hope it won't be too short. I started with 1 3/4 yards the instructions called for 1 1/2 yards so I had a little slack. But now trial and error is what this is about. I really hate I messed up good fabric. I was supposed to make a blanket with this but changed my mind. I will sew the edges together then turn right side out then sew casing. I got a funeral tomorrow. Maybe I can use Ms. Mary 's sewing machine. It would be cool if she could serge it. We may not have time. I will just do it by hand. I need to remember to mark 1" around so I can have something to follow. Once I get this down then it is on to customizing the fabric! Delta, Aggie, Blue Bear, whatever! I am going to see what I can do with printable fabric even if all I can do is an applique. Maybe even stamps? Who knows. I got to get the shopping cart cover down first.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


This is my first blog. I am not exactly sure what you do but I think I have an idea. This blog is mainly to talk about what I have been crafting. I Crochet, Machine Knit, Sew it really does not matter. My friend and I have a saying, "We do not mind spending money to learn a new craft." And that is really how it is. I am constantly finding ways to incorporate one task into the other. For example I crossstitched onto a machine knit blanket because I am not very good at intarsia or fairisle. I will crochet an edge around a blanket because I know how to do that quicker than doing one on the machine.
The little girl is the light of my life. Who knew it would take so much. You will see her in a lot of my pics. She is my top model. Now that she is bigger I have to start making my own patterns. I am glad I have Knitware. I have yet to make a mommy daughter set though. Just too lazy. Plus I can't knit because she wants to knit too. But there are times I get around her.