Tuesday, May 29, 2007

t-shirt of the week

Clothes express who you are and how you feel. Pull this on when you feel out of the loop.

I am not sure if this is read. The person reading it is not in the circle of trust not the person wearing it.
Ok look at it like this "stay out of my business"
You know this came from meet the Fockers.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Larger than life bag

I joined the granny along this all came about from my babette. Now that i have started crocheting now i cannot stop. So i am almost done with the bag I am making the sqaures for the gusset now. I may or may not use them. Then I saw the larger than life bag and one lady is going to put hers right onto a bag skip the lining plastic canvas zipper and the whole nine. I fully understand I have a pile of unfinished bags. i really need to find someone to do it for me. But anyway I keep going to this and that a lys here and they gave me a whole bunch of interfacing to use in all of my unfinished bags so now all i need is lining. now the good part is that I now can choose any fabric because the interfacing will allow the bag to keep it shapes regardless of the bag contents. I am really going to need a sewing machine. The ladies at this and that said three layers of interfacing . Must have a sewing machine to put together three layers of interfacing and lining . one lady at the lys said i make my bags too long. but that is the way i like them. I make them long and short. unique! So i have to take down two bags put the interfacing on the backside of the lining then construct the lining. woo Hoo! big fun all the while I don't have my big white bag
then comes Andy do you want theis Bag. Then the same ephiphany hit me that hit Ellen in LA there you go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

start of a new adventure

yes i meant the pun this is a version of the medium adventure bag. I made mine a bit smaller why because i am lazy. So it not going to be that big. but it will be lime green. I bought a pair of blue shoe that I now want to make a bag for it. But just wanted to update you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pictures at last

Ok here are the pics of my Babette in progress and i plan to make this into a bag. This will be cute with a black t shirt jeans and black pumps. the yarn porn is from my Bond weekend. Yes that is sock yarn! I have plans to make another pair of socks my second pair. If i ever make it back to Rave knits I wlil get some cotton fleece earlier today I was thinking this yarn would make great baby washcloths nice and soft. with the lime green nylon i have plans to make a medium size adventure bag by noni. I just need a swatch. I am going to make a long weekend bag with some white nylon thread. I need at least onr of these bags done before my beach trip. I am going to make a medium size adventure bag on the machine in acrylic. the green bag will be handmade so i can get an idea of how the bag is made. I am going to make the white one on the machine that is why i need to make the med one on the machine to see how it will work. so lets see! oh yeah and and i am going to make a solid babette. I have plans on a babette bag and blanket. solid of course. I am thinking a baby set. off to knit.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I don't really like posting without pics but my excuse is I can't find my camera at home. But i had a bond weekend that was the best which is probably why the next weekend was so bad. I spent two days and two nights baby free even had a drink. did all kinds of yarn shopping. The next weekend i tried to do it again and she caught some virus threw up 8 times scared the mess out of me! Anyway back to the point of the blog. I have started listening to Lime and Violet. The last podcast one of them was talking about making a Babette form interweave crochet spring 2006 issue. She was calling it the crack of crochet. Which peaked my interest and off i went to search. It was actually ugly ( i did not really care for the colors) but i thought it was a great stash busting project. I have a whole box of yarn at home and i came home with a whole bag of free yarn from Michelle which i was going to make a log cabin out of. Until i saw the Babette and thought yes stash busting who care about he colors but i could not help thinking that that the Livingstone colors i was making my log cabin with would be so cut in the babbette so that is where i am . As son as i can get pics i will post some. If i am doing a baby blanket I have one strip down. And the bad part. I am not even finished with the first one and i already want another one. Another lady made a solid one. she is as bad as i am she hasn't finished her first one and she stared her second sold one. so let me finish this one and a solid one is one the horizons.

I finished my black nylon bag a really really want a large white bag. one my great knitting weekend i found some lime green nylon thread so i put the white bag to the side to create the green bag. it is not coming out the way i want to so i out it to the side. what was supposed to be a side project stash busting project has now followed me to work to work on at lunch! yes the Babbette in progress is beside me on the floor. What is confusing me is how to put it together. What color do i use to sew it all together is any color suing the back loop only. I have seen it done the traditional way. I am already doing the squares the traditional way i want to at least sew it together like the original. I have to put some question out there.