Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Latest bag to match shoes

I thought this yarn would match my shoes. I may it is just a little darker than the last beige bag and they went ok with that .
It came out I guess (i say guess because i wanted it big but did I want it this big?) bigger than I had planned it doesn't look bad I wonder how it will look once I put the lining in. Is has sort of a square base at least is has four corners. I expanded on a buttonhole bag base i statred at 21sts and increased to 29 sts. didi the regular 20 garter ridges then decreased. Pickup sts and went around till I was almost out of yarn then casted off 20 sts in the middle instaed of the regular 10 and didi moss sttich for a decorative edge. I didi run out of yarn. in closing i had to use a differnt yarn for like the last three sts. It is a design element. you all should it. it needs to be embellished. a plus is the holes are big enough so i can wear it on my sholuder. I don't really like the bottom and i amfraid that the handles are going to stretch real bad. I think I am bad now with my moss stitch handle. The handle could be wider. But since I ran out yarn i was tempted to use a differnt color. I need to tuck in the lose ends and line it. this could be considered my shopper. and or shopping bag. Lined propoerly i think it could make a darling baby bag.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Homeconing is about 2 weeks away and all i have are a pair of shoes a cute pair of shoes though. tel me what you think. i have made a winter garden bag (a little different but same concept) that sorta matches and then my Fendi that sorta matches as well i thought of the Fnedi when I saw the shoes. You see this years theme is "Show'em what ya working wit" Just like that incorrect an all. So I am trying. Can you beleive the shoes only cost $20. I know !

Do you see it yes those are more willow blocks! See thought i would surprise you. I am making the german granny bag out of willow block!s A round larger than life bag! Get Out! This is the first part of my tutorial. The blocks.

onthe winter garden bag I have to stain the dowels and glue on the bead plus line the bag. See if would have done the flap I could have almost been done but it would not have been so cute. Plus i love moss stitch. I have a matching moss stitch change purse on the way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry no pics

I am so sorry I have no pics but i will son . I am finally finished with 16 sqaures for the German Granny Bag. So I am trying to put together a tutorial which really insn't nessacry but if I can I will . I went for about two days without working on it now I have to sew it together. I want 1 a pic of all the squares 2 a pic of the squares sewn together in strips then a spic of the bag sewn together. Voila! tutorial. but seeing as it is not actually the german granny bag because I did my squares t-totally different should i call it a round granny bag tutorial? I don't know it doesn't really matter. I am excited about the bag.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What type handles

Buttonhole handles, clutch flap or dowel rods? I don't really think i want buttonhole handles i am really leaning towards the clutch flap. But I am not sure how sturdy that will be. it is made with a bottom so would a clutch flap look right? see my dilemma. I am so glad Girlfriends will be back in Oct so i can see all the hottest clutches they are wearing! I have also been thinking that i should give the jumbo fat bottom bag another go this time with SC. I feel i ran out of yarn (not because i did not enough) because i used DC. I hate to try and have my heart broken again. Yeah did not tell you I went to Hancocks and 1 they did not have navy and 2 it was 6.99 a skein! I need three plus the needle! Anywho i started the ballet t. I am having bit of trouble with the needles. The plastic needles never bothered me before when i was making buttonhole bags but now it is really a problem with this woolease. The pattern is not seeming too hard either. It is just going to take some patients.