Monday, July 31, 2006

Look what I found

These are not my washcloths I got this pic off Mason Dixon KAL I wanted a pic that was better than the website.
Please click on the title. This the ball band dishcloth pattern . The same one in the Mason Dixon Knitting book!!!! Now the picture is Sorry go to the Mason Dixon KAL site and you will see many many examples. oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Why did it come out round. 1 because i did not follow directions. But it was so nice for Kay to email me back so soon and give me an idea.
Hi, I think you did your decreases on EVERY row, right? You are only supposed to do them on the Right Side rows, therefore, every other row. I'm not sure that's it, but that's my best guess.

But it looks so cool round! I love the picture.

You don't have to re-knit the whole cloth, just pull out the miters and do them again. But if it were me I'd keep the cool round dishcloth!

xox Kay

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cotton Tots

I got this 1 lb of cotton from AC Moore. I seen it before and dismissed it but I looked again yesterday and noticed that this was Bernats cotton tots that run $3-$4 a ball I could not pass it up. I am going to make some washcloths of course and try and make Lela a cardi. The color is real pretty I am tempted to go back and look for more.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Sassy Hot Dog Bun

I was telling a fellow bonder about my Noni bag and the title of the pattern and I thought about the small one how it would probaly be a hot dog bun instead of a baguette. It is going to be real cute once I put the plastic canvas in it.

My versions

This is the Hot "CoCo" Jacket and

this is my version of the Hot "CoCo" Jacket. I use knitware for the design. I should have use a smaller keyplate for the ribbing. And next time half the rows called for. So 5 instead of 10 rows of ribbing. I still have the pockets and button to put on. I actually found the poodle buttons last night but I do not have any silver paint.

This is my version of the log cabin but the more I look at it I realize it is nothing like the ones I seen on the Mason Dixon KAL. But I did my math and I think I have it this time. So more to come on that.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Wash Cloths

I look at the Mason Dixon KAL site and I am inspired. My handknit skills are limited. So Friday night I said well let me make this other dishcolth I saw I can garter stitich. Man I got tired after about an hour. This is why I machine knit. I sat down sat and did six in about an hour. Three more on Sunday. Now yes they are plain SS but it did not take me all day for one. Will post pics tomorrow. Will also post pic with pattern on website. I was not really intersested in washcloths until the Mason Dixon KAL. I still want a ball band one.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baby Kimono

I have another piece I want to create. Click on the title. But I cannot without concentration. It is a sleeveless Kimono (Wrap sweater)sad because I haven't even finished my first one. I only need to add snaps. Mine will be all black with crochet picot trim. Where her green stripe is I am going to weave a white ribbon and then put white bows. I need to find my hook and eyes then I can finish both sweaters. It came from the Mason Dixon Knitting Book I have to have it! The Mason Dixon KAL blog. It is so inspirational. I should set one up for those who use my patterns?

A New Adventure Is having a competition for those who have ever used a pattern from their website to have a picture of their project in the calendar. You can enter three things. I want to try my hand at Tulip Toes and Legwarmers. The grand prize is the cover of the calendar. Click on the title for a link to the pattern. I am using Gina Ahrens (when do I not use her patterns)ankle socks for the whole family pattern. I am on my third try. But each try I get better so I am not discouraged. I have learned that Lela needs to be in the bad before I start knitting. I cannot concentrate with the constant questions so my goal is to give her my undivided attention and see how that goes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Noni

My bag is actually 16 1/2" long it is bigger than the pattern. I still have handles lining and zipper. For that I am going to Ms. Mary's house. We can go to Hobby Lobby and go to town. I am thinking no more than 20 max.
But look my Noni had a baby!

Lela wanted one too. How about I showed her hers this morning and she said can she have a big one like mine. I cannot win for losing

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Ok click on the link and you will see the cutes bows. I saw these yesterday and just had to have them. I made a baby kimono I think I posted the pic in a previous post, but I had not finished it. When I saw this I said, "Oh, yeah! That is my closure." On the way home I thought these would be cute as cherries. I thought a little how I wanted to do it, should I use brown yarn for the stems. Well I do not always see them with stems. I don't have any brown yarn. In the end I went with what I had. I thought the cream yarn I used was the one I used for the kimono but I realized when I finished it wasn't. Oh well. I ended up making red one for cherries, Blue one for blueberries, and orange ones for Kumquats. I showed blondine and she wants some purple ones. I was going to make purple but I was thinking grapes need more than two. I will make some more for my Bond meeting in Aug. All I need are safety pins. The picture is of the first one I made. I made it to short to turn into a bow. But I was not taking it down so I put it into some kind of a bow and I love it. I put a pin on the back and wore it to work today. A mess I know. But if I don't love noone else will! If the baby was good at school today she gets to go outside and I will make more while I watch her outside. But what colors? The possibilities are endless. Well that depends on my scraps.