Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Ok click on the link and you will see the cutes bows. I saw these yesterday and just had to have them. I made a baby kimono I think I posted the pic in a previous post, but I had not finished it. When I saw this I said, "Oh, yeah! That is my closure." On the way home I thought these would be cute as cherries. I thought a little how I wanted to do it, should I use brown yarn for the stems. Well I do not always see them with stems. I don't have any brown yarn. In the end I went with what I had. I thought the cream yarn I used was the one I used for the kimono but I realized when I finished it wasn't. Oh well. I ended up making red one for cherries, Blue one for blueberries, and orange ones for Kumquats. I showed blondine and she wants some purple ones. I was going to make purple but I was thinking grapes need more than two. I will make some more for my Bond meeting in Aug. All I need are safety pins. The picture is of the first one I made. I made it to short to turn into a bow. But I was not taking it down so I put it into some kind of a bow and I love it. I put a pin on the back and wore it to work today. A mess I know. But if I don't love noone else will! If the baby was good at school today she gets to go outside and I will make more while I watch her outside. But what colors? The possibilities are endless. Well that depends on my scraps.

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