Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank You Joye

Joye sent me all these nice things see how she covered two hoildays! Go Joye! Go Joye!Go Joye!Go Joye!

Too Big

Ok my birthday was tuesday 11/28. The guys at my job gave me some money and Leon gave me some money in addtion to my other b-day gifts. I had my 40% off coupon ready to go get my sock needles. Why did I walk out of the door without it? So tired of waiting I bought them full price. I also bought some tightly woven yarn(Senso cotton) and the french back earring hooks. I had plans on wearing them today that is why I wore red and black. To make a long story short I made one earring (the one pictured) and it came out too big? First I don't know which set of needles are the 000 ones so I picked the smallest or at least what I thought was the smallest set. I am sure my yarn is right. I used some old sock yarn I had from my first and only pair of socks that I made and the Senso cotton is thinner than the sock yarn. I should have bought a needle gauge. I will today. I thought about when I open the pack and discovered that the numbers are not on the needle. I emailed the pattern writer to see if she had a clue as to why they came out so big. I am going to email Kay or Ann to see if they can explain the 6+3 thing in reference to the ball band washcloth.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ballband Fever

I got the fever again. Someone posted a apttern for miniball bands and I just had to have one i got half one already made it only rtook me an hour. I would have had all 8 rows of ricks done but i took it done because I thought i could do the pattern by heart. No. it will be finished tomorrow so I will have a pic then.

Friday, November 17, 2006

More Felting

Ok these are prefelted needle rolls. I got the pattern from Berrocco. One is knitted and one is crocheted. I just finished the knitted one. So I will probably felt them tonight. I got my last swap apl. She knits mostly socks. Last night I bought some real small jump rings now I have a great use for them. I would like to make some needles as well. I will work on that. And I bought two small xmas trees and I put them in the milk glass urns. So far they are very cute I have to buy some lights. They had some small lighted x-mas tresses but they were like 10.00. I know I can buy some lights for $1 at the dollare tree so I got the $1 tree. Now for ornaments. I was thinking ballband earrings.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Jewelry Addition

If you did not know I am a novice jewelry maker. Can you believe I made this! I am very proud of myself. I was supposed to be making my swap pal stitchmarkers But this necklace(and cute bracelet as you can see) was calling my name. I did make her stitch markers though. I had to do those first because I had to wait until the little one went to bed. All I need are her extras and hers will be in the mail fairly quick. I have planned her extras as well. I found that picking a theme early helps a lot. I cannot find my box of findings so begrudingly I am going to have to buy some more. Thank you God they only costs .99. I need French back hooks monofilament and jump rings. So back to AC Moore.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Swaps recieved

I got these swaps a while back just wanted to post some pics. Lela already ate the candy in one packages so I could not photograph that. But they are great packages I have alredy begun using them. I am almost done with my Santa Swap.