Friday, May 02, 2008

I have reached frustration

I am about to tears. I am up to row 9 and my tee is till twisted! what do I do!!!! is it becasue i do not have a 24" circular needle? ok i have eaten a few cookies and calmed down. This is not the first project I had to rip back serveral times before i got it right now i blame the hormones. I called my LYS and she said it is probably the acrylic in the cotton that is making it twist but to also pullout a long strand of yarn before joining my round. This is truly frustrating! And I call myself creative!


Nik said...

Don't cry, girl.

The length of the needle has nothing to do with twisting. If you want, send me an e-mail at to get my phone number, and I'll try to talk you through it if I can.

Virtuous said...

I hope Nik helped you out!

I promise you are probably doing everything just fine, you just have to pay extra close in the beginning at how your stitches rotating on the needle. Make sure the CO edge is always at the bottom of your work and as it grows it should get easier for you.

As far as the thickness of your top it may be too heavy when you get ready to wear it and you might want to consider subbing another yarn. TLC Plus Cotton (at AC Moore) and of course the Microspun would be great choices! The TLC comes in a lot of colors too!

Can't wait to see your striped garment too!

Hang in there and eat as many cookies as you desire!! ;oD

QueenDBW said...

I hope Nik got you straightened out. I remember the first time I tried to knit in the round...I didn't remember to make sure my stitches were straight and it was a DISASTER!! I can't wait to see your FO!!