Friday, May 02, 2008

Fine Line?

Is there a fine line between creativity and frustration? I am trying my best to make this ballet tee. One I have yet to knit in the round. I played that off with once I did not knit. I casted on 68 sts and began knitting in the round (thank you Crimson Purl) and got to about row 6 when I realized that my sts were twisted. I took it down and did it again I think I am at row three and through both rows just a praying please don’t be twisted. I thought I was going to do seed stitch for those first two rows. Fooled me I need to concentrate on not twisting my stitches. Maybe I will pickup and knit a decorative border on the top and bottom but for now let me just get the sweater done. I could not wait till Sat to get the yarn I am actually supposed use (microspun) so I started with the white cotton acrylic I bought from WS and that is a really pretty bright white. I am doubling it and it is looking kind of thick but I am afraid to do single because I think it may be too loose. I don’t know. But I worked so hard on the pattern which is going like a charm (thank you Noelle Noodle) the actual one I want to do is a Fibonacci striped tee in the colors green white and yellow. The one I am working on now I will keep going till I run out of yarn.

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