Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Change in plans

I am still making the sak like bag but instead of using the cotton/acrylic I bought from knit picky I went and bought some crochet nylon thread from AC Moore. AC Moore had a 50% off coupon (thanks Nik) and I got two balls for the price of one I could not resist. And now my bag will be very close to the actual thing. But I may make a pinwheel blanket out of my cotton something will come of the that yarn.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My NCEE Meeting

I got many compliments on my sweater wrap and bag. I even learned how to do the magic loop (thank you Crimson Purl) and here are my spoils. Some white cotton acrylic. That I will be making an oversized clutch with. I want to use the pattern Sak used on their tote. Mine will be a clutch it will not have the strap like theirs but it will be cute and non fuzzy!

Now the ladies in Knit Picky (a yarn shop in Winston Salem) asked about my sweater and I showed them that it was a piece of a sweater not a real one and they were amazed. One lady said it put her in mind of a dickey. Many poeple were amazed that it was not a real sweater and that it only took me like two days to make it!

My attempt at a pinwheel sweater was going well but I messed up on the last row somehow. I noiticed my YO was not in the same palce as the other YO then it dawned on me that by time I finish the sweater it will be hot and she probalby will not be able to fit anyway. but I was real happy that i learned how to do the magic loop . My new goal is to do a bag with the magic loop no more making the base and picking up stitches. Well not really now I can knit a round bag instead of the square bags I have been making. How about a pinwheel bag! and I thought about making a pinwheel blanket! How would you make a hat do you bring it out as wide as you want then start decreasing? All i know is that now a whole new world has been opened up to me now that I can patterns that ask for DPNS. Go ME! Oh yeah thank you again Crimson Purl for showing me how!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Create your own topsy turvy planter

This man Matt has created an inverted planter. I am going to try it tonight! Right now my strawberries are struggling in the kitchen so they can do no worse. I want them outside but I need to find somewhere to hang them. Not much sunshine around my place. Hopefully it works so that i can make my MIL one. She wants tomatoes. She will enjoys this for Mothers Day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It Is Just TV!

Ok I feel stupid. I have been looking hoping and waiting for a new episode of girlfriends and it is gone been gone since February! Now I read that they will not even get a season finale! All that money they brought to your network CW and you drop them. Personally if you did not have girlfriends when you changed from UPN to CW you would not be where you are right now. CW was pumping girlfriends before they began as CW. See how people treat you that is why you have to have your own. Why not start over on TV one! I would stop watching CW altogether if they did not have the Game. That is the only time I watch CW other than that I watch somethingelse we used to have black Mondays! Well if we had it once we will have it again.

Did ABC do the same to Heroes? Did they cancel that show without notification? I can see pushing Daisies (a show on CBS) not coming back it was a fledgling but Heroes. If ER came back why not Heroes, I going to have to go back to reading! Upon further reading Tim Kring gave some reason "With a show like Heroes that's so strongly serialized, and given what we wanted to accomplish with the new storyline, to come back with just three episodes could be creatively dangerous." Whatever!

It is just TV like I tell my daughter. I need to lead by example. Because you see my nerves are all tied up and it is just TV.

New Bag progress

Here is 68 garter ridges. Yesterday I was looking at LV oversized clutch for the Fall 07 and this bag may end up being that. Would it still be a shopper. I was thinking of calling it a shopper clutch. and with the waffel pattern it would have some texture like the LV bag. Although the LV bag is quilted. All I have to do I knit straight and fold it over and bam oversized clutch you don't even have to worry about handles. My heart says tuck stitch will get me that quilted look. I am still hesitant about that waffle pattern. All you can do is try.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mara is messing with me!

Mara Brock Akil is a ffabulous writer! But she is messing with my emotions. I love how she broke up Derwin and Melanie. And I kinda like the dynamic of the both them wanting to find each other in other people. She through me for a loop with Mel showing up to Derwins house and Lying to the new boyfirend who she just decided to make her boyfriend! Just too much but that is Mara style. What is going on with Girlfriends though! But anyway this is as close as I am going to get to writing a letter to Mara about her jerking me around with her shows! She sets you up then knock you down!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kinda Selfish

This may be kinda selfish. I know I have a blanket to finish and like 4 pairs of booties but I have started another bag! I cannot help it. My mind was smoking on this pattern so i need to see if what I thought can actually create a bag. I am calling it the waffle shopper. At the moment I am not truly sure about the number of repeats required for the bag i increased by 14 like the pattern writer called for but the numbers are not adding up to me I sent her an email. any way wish me luck!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forward Progression

Like they say in football forward progression. I have not finished my espadrilles. I have moved on to The Bootie Swap! I am making two pairs of booties for my swap partners who either do not know what they are expecting or would like something gender neutral. So I chose yellow. That is what I am using. When I saw this yellow sock yarn I had to have it. The plan is to make some Saarjtee booties and some garter stitch slippers. Yes I am making a swatch because I want them to be bootie size. The last pair I made fit my baby and she is not a 3 month old baby. So I bit the bullet and I am making a swatch. Now I am only making it 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Hopefully that will do. Actually let me look that up how big a swatch should be. I got time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Grass Shopper details

Red Heart Soft color Grass
Size 15 circular needles
Two layers of interfacing
Fabric for lining and straps to attach handles
Matching thread
Patience (lots of patience)

Using two strands of the yarn held together, CO 3st.
Repeat these two rows until you have 31sts
Knit 20 garter ridges (40 rows)
Next row SSK, knit to the last 2 sts, K2tog
Next Row Knit
Next row SSK, knit to the last 2 sts, K2tog
Repeat these two rows until 3sts remain
Bind off 3 sts. The strip forms the bottom of the bag.

Starting at the center cast on edge pick up and knit all sts ending at the center bound off edge. Place marker. Starting at the center bond off edge (where you left off) Pick up and knit all sts ending at the center cast on edge (where you began) place a different color or type marker so that you are able to tell that this is the start of the round. Make sure you have picked up the same number of sts on both sides.

Knit four purl four for four rows. Alternate stitch pattern for the next four rows. Knit where you purled and purl where you knit. Continue to your desired length. I did eight pattern repeats.

Lining and Interfacing: put lining and interfacing together and cut out to your desired size. Sew tighter wrong side together then turn right side out.

Handles: Cut small strips for your lining fabric. Sew together wrong side out then turn right side out. A crochet hook was very helpful to me. Put straps on handles and sew to outside of the bag lining (interface part).

Sew lining to the bag with coordinating thread you may want to fold the edge down some to get a nice edge around the bag.

Viola bag!

I am flattered!

How about I walk into the salon and my stylist says you did not make that bag? You know my green one. I had it in the shop because I was tacking the bottm to get a flat bottom and now I may even take that out. She asked how much do you charge and i said supplies I mean you could not pay for the amount of time I put into that bag. Point is I am flattered!