Monday, March 31, 2008

I am almost finished

The bottom is not flat like I want it. The plan is to tack the bag to the lining and hopefully it will create a flatter bottom. I even made the flap that old the handles!I am amazed at myself! I don't like how you can see the interfacing through the bag. My little $5 handles came in handy! Anyone have any tips on how to minimize the fuzz of acrylic? It looks great now that it is close to completeion I would like another one but man it took alot of work!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where am I?

Let's see I am almost done with my knitted espadrilles.

You see I have two tops. Why do I have two balls of twine? Well me being grown went to walmart and saw a little ball of jute twine which is what the pattern calls for and I saw saw this large ball of sisal me thinking they were not that much different and the sisal was cheaper I am going with sisal. No. It was so hard to work with I think I got 6 chs and said enough. Next time follow directions but then it would not be me. The other ball I am not even sure it is jute. It is the same color in the pattern. I got it at Target for $1 on the label it said ball of twine it gave no content info. It was a dollar I could at least try it. And it crocheted up pretty nice. But it stinks! it smells like oil or gasoline. But it is working it will be on my feet I do not care! I plan to make a bag with the sisal once i figure out how.

I have 5 ivory centers left to do for my eight rounds before i begin the borders. The all I have left are the two larger squares the 16 and the 20 rounds. I can't wait. Raena has made two blankets in the time it is taking me to make this one! I want to make one like hers, she made a tiramisu. actually a super tiramisu she used a huge hook. I think i will make a white or ivory one. I am making all things for the baby neutral because I do not want to know the sex of the baby till it comes into the world.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knitted Espadrilles

Here is one of two. This was a really easy pattern. I hope to have the other one by today. without interruptions I may have it complete in 1 hour. I still need twine and and an upholstery needle. my flip flops are a bit small so i am hoping that I do not need any ribbon to keep them on. Let me tell you how easy these are. I want to make many more.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Any bag but this one

Can you see how I ran out of yarn! I was close to finishing the round and I had decided that I was done. Had I had enough yarn to finish the repeat and bind off a finished bag would have been presented today. I was in the salon long enough to finish it too. However, that is not the case but on a brighter note I am close! But the point of the title. Why when you are making the hardest project of your life as you are doing this forsaken project you ask yourself why am I doing this and you are too close to being finished to actually stop so you drag on. That someone asks you to make one for them? My stylists said will you make me a bag? I quickly said any bag but this one. But I quickly said I am kidding oh yes of course. If she brings it back up then I will know she is serious. But it always happens that way.

My co worker suggested that i put wooden handles on this bag. I concur I bought some rattan handles that will go great with the bag. Now all I need is interfacing and bag feet! Then it is on to the next bag: over sized clutch! it probably wont be orange.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures of progress

I have completed my 6th repeat. i plan to go to ten in the end the bag should be 13" tall. I am really debating wheter or not I should go to ten repeats or not. I feel like it is going to be a diaper bag! nah it is going to be cute with its bag feet and square bottom. Just do not give up!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's Up!!!

Ok What have Ibeen doing so far. nothing. Sadly but true. i finally went to AC Moore to get some yarn and a plus it was on a bigger sale than previous. previously it was on sale for 1.49 this time it was on sale for 1.19. I almost went back and got some more!. They were fully stocked as well. So as I said before i am doing the centers first then the borders. I am on the eight rounds and the break down is thus 3 white 5 ivory and 3 yellow. not bad but i guess it is my surroundings. You know maybe I should not be in bed all roasty toasty then i would not get bored and then go to sleep. And by the way we got a new pillow top mattress which calls me everyday so when i get home i make sure the baby has what she needs and I get straight in the bed! It is like sleeping on a cloud! But anyway back to crafting. I have completed one eight round. One of the ivory centers. and so I started working on the three yellow centers I got to about halfway through the third one got bored and went to sleep. here is my new goal! crochet at work on the bench outside. I wish I had my project with me so then i could outisde right now enjoying the beautiful sunshine. That way i cannot go to sleep. but anyway that is what I have been doing so far. Instead of nothing I can say sleeping.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I like this banner

I like this better than the last one. I bought the last one and made this one myself for free. i guess i feel restriced with the other banner. But since I bought it I will see what else I can do with it. Waste not want not?