Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Any bag but this one

Can you see how I ran out of yarn! I was close to finishing the round and I had decided that I was done. Had I had enough yarn to finish the repeat and bind off a finished bag would have been presented today. I was in the salon long enough to finish it too. However, that is not the case but on a brighter note I am close! But the point of the title. Why when you are making the hardest project of your life as you are doing this forsaken project you ask yourself why am I doing this and you are too close to being finished to actually stop so you drag on. That someone asks you to make one for them? My stylists said will you make me a bag? I quickly said any bag but this one. But I quickly said I am kidding oh yes of course. If she brings it back up then I will know she is serious. But it always happens that way.

My co worker suggested that i put wooden handles on this bag. I concur I bought some rattan handles that will go great with the bag. Now all I need is interfacing and bag feet! Then it is on to the next bag: over sized clutch! it probably wont be orange.

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