Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

I made what I am going to call is a ballband envelope clutch. And another machine knit Ballband Washcloth. This one came out great. I was going to make it into a little bag but i was like no let's use this one as an actuall washcloth. It is really puffy. I need to make some more. I haven't really got a [ppattern down. I need a class on gswatch ing. all I do now is take a ball of left over cotton and make an icord( or a cheater icord, cast on 3 sts and knit til the end) Then I casted on 15 eon(just like in the patern can you beleive it!) and the picture you see is what I have. I also took a pic of it in action!
The clutch is pre felted it is felting as I type. It is basic buttonhole stlye. I sacted off one side and worked the other side till it was long enough. Now on the bag the ballband is in ss. But on the flap it is garter. I kinda don't like it. I did not plan it too well maybe the next one if I make a next one! I like the envelope clutch idea just not the ball band.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting in as much crafting in as I possibly can!

Ok the TACK x-mas party went well of the four rooms in the house I had three doors open. Much better than the last house. But now that all that cleaning is done and i am on a weeks vacation I am going to get in as much kntting as I possibly can!!!! For starts I made a machine knit ballband washcloth. Things that I learned do not pullit real tight. You see those three rows that are all the same and not offset as it should be. mistake I think not that my friend is a machine knit Baby Genius Burp Cloth!

By the way for Chirstmas I got the Mason Dixon Knitting Book!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Ok I have also made Jewelry. Coleen came over with her fabo wooden bead necklace which reminded me that I had to make one. Then Alexis got some brown shoes that same noght and the light went off make a wooden bead necklace to match my brown shoes. (Really Alexis brown shoes but I am not supposed to be making plans for her stuff.) So I made two the third one is coming but I ran out of toggles and clasps. Who knew? I wore the light brown set today. I plan on wearing the off white set with all black. I should send these pic s to Coleen. Show her what she inspired me to make. Don't they look retro!
Well off I go to get more crafting in. I am going to make a burp cloth!

Friday, December 22, 2006

This Will Blow Your Machine Knitting Mind!!!

Shut your mouth and say it ain't so!!! Can you believe this! I know it is not and exact match to a ball band washcloth but it is close enough. I have got to get me a cool corder. Now I have the manual one but I want the crank one so I can spit out some icord actually I can make icord on the machine as well. Go Bond!!

Do you the implications this has. There are too many to count. I might be able to knit weave the hounds tooth with this method. I am out done. Stick me with a fork!!!!

Knock Off

All I need now is a ttd creations tag. The inspiration piece is a mink pom pom key fob. So I thought hey I could do that with fun fur. So here is my knock off version. it not as round and sheds like the dickens but it is mine. Next time i am going to use wool and funfur then felt it. That way I should have a soild ball with little to no shedding.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sad Sad Craft Day

Like I was telling Raena if it was raining soup my bowl would be turned over! I cannot win for losing. First the bag was curiling so much I not could sew anything to it so I decided to sew it together then put the lining on it. Then I had to find a needle and thread so that I could sew the lining together then attatch it to the bag but the thread I had was white and I don't want white to show on my bag so then I bought some matching embroidery thread and then last night when I am trying to attach the lining to the fabbric I had the lining turned the wrong way so it ws too short so now I have to start over. Hot Dog!!!!! So here is the new games plan. The bag that is sewn together already attach the sorry sewn together lining to the bag with the purple floss. Soak bag number two and block it. Hopefully this will take out the curl. When dry sew lining to bag and go from there. Barring house work I am going to try and get my sewing machine out and working but we will have to see. I would like to have the side siewn better than they wish me luck.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Machine Knit Freak'em

oh yeah! oh yeah! Ok I made two I got to make one for my baby. I need to make change purses. The next one will have dowel rods for handles. It is going to be real pretty once finished. They were real quick to knit as well. This one is 15" wide and 18" long. So I casted on 53 and knit 99 (100) and viola! Freak 'em Girl! The flower fabric is purple as well as chocolate brown! So you know I need chocolate brown yarn.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Going's On

I am working on my pattern submission. I made a fun fur scarf last night and I used worsted weight yarn and a sport wieght at the end. The sport weight is so much better but I don't know what I did with the sport weight yarn. It is sitting with the other ball of fun fur that I cannot find laughing at me mockingly.

I had plans to create a SS freak'em girl but I did not have time. The scarf took longer than I thought. So I will do it tonight. I took the gauge and eveything I like that knit check.
I am using the purple yarn from a poncho I took down and I will cast on 42 sts and knit 99 rows.

I will at least have the piece tomorrow. I don't know what fabric but I am using those bamboo handles if the bag is big enough.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Come KAL

at Make a freak'em girl with me. let's share our struggles and success'. We can do it.

My first pattern submisson begins!

Ok I got a swap pal. Who even after the swap we talk like we have known each other for ten years. She is submitting a bag and have inspired me to do so as well.

So I got the yarn yesterday. Here is my sad problem I only have one set of needles which can be easily solved I know. I only have one more washcloth to go for my xmas gift but I want to start my bag.

Ok here is what I was thinking. A houndstooth tote/clutch. I was going to do a clutch on the machine but just thinking about pulling out those neeldes I was like no. I had a pattern for handknit houndstooth that sounds really simple so I said why not.


Pics of my felted bags. DKNY is my first attempt at intarsia not bad if I say so myself.
Now this bag needs it own paragraph. This is my first buttonhole bag. I got a pic somewhere of it before it was felted and after i hand felted it. See I just moved into a house. And I have had my washing maching for three years now. Since Lela was born. and the hot water did not work on the washing machine. So I learned how to felt by hand. I thought I was doing something! Honey when I moved into the house, Leon brought the washer and dryer down a flight of steps plus got into the laundry room all by hisself, I hooked it up and I had never did that before and point being I checked to make sure I connected it correctly and I had hot water! Shut your mouth and say it ain't so!. First thing I did was find my buttonhole bags and put them in the washing machine. A little more back story. When I first felted my buttonhle bag I thought I was done the bag still had holes in it. I actually lost a crochet hook I had put into it one day. But I figured that hey it was my first try not bad. Oh No!. I put that puppy in the washing machine and after two washes the pic above is what you got. Why is it as small as my mini buttonhole bag?
Mini, micro, and nano the threebags pictured. Cruising the mason dixon kal blog like I do everyday all day. I come across the mini buttonhole bag. So i make one it goes so fast I make another but the color combo will be differnt however i have less yarn. Ok lets jst use less rows even faster so i make another one but with less yarn. and there you have the mini, micro and the nano. Man I need more wool.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

pedicure sock

ok here is my first attemp at a pedicure sock. You can get the actual pattern at I got the idea from Raena. I made this on Monday. Off bat it is too big. I use red heart soft. That is a great yarn. And I use GIna Ahren's Ankle Sock For the Whole Family patern as usual! I put too many rows of ribbing at the bottom. It calls for 32 rows for the foot and I did 16 and ribbed the last sixteen rows. Like I said too many. Next time I will do only 5-6 rows. So this means I need to do the medium for me and the small for everyone else no larges.
I had not machine knitted in a while so it felt good to get a sock off the machine in an hour and a half. I was tired too but i wanted to see that sock. I was going to do it on Sun but could find the patern to save my tail. You know I found it I want to say yesterday or this morning. Still did me no good. so my next attempt will be with the same yarn and just one size smaller.

Mini Ballband Christmas

On the Mason Dixon KAL blog someone posted pic of the ballband gifts she was giving. I decided to follow suit with miniballbands. i have two complete I am working on the third. I have six planned out hopfully I don't run out of yarn. I found a big ball of ecru so I am good there. Thses are for Ms. Mary's Kitchen she changed her whole house form red to sage grenn so fast it looked easy! I love my blue so I am good I just try and follow her lead but with blue. I hope she likes them. I made her some little britches but she never used them she hung them up like decoration. I was thinking abou tmakeing her some of those but I am too far into the ball bands. I thought about making myself some I am probably going to use them as decoration as well.

What a response!!!!

I got the neatest puffy from Toni,markers, a counting bracelet,extra
beads a great holiday cake recipe and an envelop clutch with a
crocheted flower Everything co-ordinated in black and white -So shiek.
Thanks so much.

Hers was the one I decided to carry the color all the way through. I should continue. That mean I need to get some more beads. With Joye's set I had a value pack of beads.
Point being I am glad she enjoyed her puffy.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I Did It!

Oh yeah I did it! I kept at the pattern all day and I made my earrings! Oh yeah I did it! Will post a pattern later. And this is my first hand knit pattern. Raena and I are talking about submitting a purse pattern to knitted and I got two ideas a houndstooth clutch or a ballband clutch. Houndstooth I am going to do on the machine fairisle and of course the ball band by hand.