Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sad Sad Craft Day

Like I was telling Raena if it was raining soup my bowl would be turned over! I cannot win for losing. First the bag was curiling so much I not could sew anything to it so I decided to sew it together then put the lining on it. Then I had to find a needle and thread so that I could sew the lining together then attatch it to the bag but the thread I had was white and I don't want white to show on my bag so then I bought some matching embroidery thread and then last night when I am trying to attach the lining to the fabbric I had the lining turned the wrong way so it ws too short so now I have to start over. Hot Dog!!!!! So here is the new games plan. The bag that is sewn together already attach the sorry sewn together lining to the bag with the purple floss. Soak bag number two and block it. Hopefully this will take out the curl. When dry sew lining to bag and go from there. Barring house work I am going to try and get my sewing machine out and working but we will have to see. I would like to have the side siewn better than they wish me luck.

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