Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mini Ballband Christmas

On the Mason Dixon KAL blog someone posted pic of the ballband gifts she was giving. I decided to follow suit with miniballbands. i have two complete I am working on the third. I have six planned out hopfully I don't run out of yarn. I found a big ball of ecru so I am good there. Thses are for Ms. Mary's Kitchen she changed her whole house form red to sage grenn so fast it looked easy! I love my blue so I am good I just try and follow her lead but with blue. I hope she likes them. I made her some little britches but she never used them she hung them up like decoration. I was thinking abou tmakeing her some of those but I am too far into the ball bands. I thought about making myself some I am probably going to use them as decoration as well.

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