Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

I made what I am going to call is a ballband envelope clutch. And another machine knit Ballband Washcloth. This one came out great. I was going to make it into a little bag but i was like no let's use this one as an actuall washcloth. It is really puffy. I need to make some more. I haven't really got a [ppattern down. I need a class on gswatch ing. all I do now is take a ball of left over cotton and make an icord( or a cheater icord, cast on 3 sts and knit til the end) Then I casted on 15 eon(just like in the patern can you beleive it!) and the picture you see is what I have. I also took a pic of it in action!
The clutch is pre felted it is felting as I type. It is basic buttonhole stlye. I sacted off one side and worked the other side till it was long enough. Now on the bag the ballband is in ss. But on the flap it is garter. I kinda don't like it. I did not plan it too well maybe the next one if I make a next one! I like the envelope clutch idea just not the ball band.

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