Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Pics of my felted bags. DKNY is my first attempt at intarsia not bad if I say so myself.
Now this bag needs it own paragraph. This is my first buttonhole bag. I got a pic somewhere of it before it was felted and after i hand felted it. See I just moved into a house. And I have had my washing maching for three years now. Since Lela was born. and the hot water did not work on the washing machine. So I learned how to felt by hand. I thought I was doing something! Honey when I moved into the house, Leon brought the washer and dryer down a flight of steps plus got into the laundry room all by hisself, I hooked it up and I had never did that before and point being I checked to make sure I connected it correctly and I had hot water! Shut your mouth and say it ain't so!. First thing I did was find my buttonhole bags and put them in the washing machine. A little more back story. When I first felted my buttonhle bag I thought I was done the bag still had holes in it. I actually lost a crochet hook I had put into it one day. But I figured that hey it was my first try not bad. Oh No!. I put that puppy in the washing machine and after two washes the pic above is what you got. Why is it as small as my mini buttonhole bag?
Mini, micro, and nano the threebags pictured. Cruising the mason dixon kal blog like I do everyday all day. I come across the mini buttonhole bag. So i make one it goes so fast I make another but the color combo will be differnt however i have less yarn. Ok lets jst use less rows even faster so i make another one but with less yarn. and there you have the mini, micro and the nano. Man I need more wool.

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