Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yep another washcloth

Two ladies at work have told me that I am addicted. And like a true addict I replied, "I can stop when ever I want to." I have begun the petal washcloth. And I thought the ballband was easy no this one is so easy. I get mad when I do a point wrong. As always I need total concentration. I am sure the better I become at knitting the less concentration I will need. I get kinda of perturbed (A true addict I know) when people ask me what I am knitting or just strike up a conversation with me while I am knitting. "Don't I look busy to you!" of course you can't say that so I stop knitting to listen or talk. Because the last few times I have attemped to knit and hold a conversation I have to frog the point. And I am tired of frogging! I was switching cars with Leon and it is about a ten minute ride to his job. I did a whole point. That's how I know it is not me! but I digress.

Complete Garterlac 2

I have completed my second garterlac. I did it with two colors. I read a blog where a lady did hers with two colors and she said she would not do it again. I concur. I only did it to see if I could. Ok I can so no need to do it again. This one is for my swap pal Stephanie. I hope she likes it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Garterlac washcloth

I have started another garterlac a bit more ambitious this time. Two colors. I am interested in making a baby blanket in garterlac. I need some circular needles. I think this will speed up wash cloth production. Although my pace is not that great of a problem. Since I make for myself and my own enjoyment. I will be done this Sunday with my Sept-Oct swap. Actually with all my swaps except my Santa one because we haven't decide what we want for Christmas. We are kids in a candy store I will know after Sunday. Why Sunday Because AC Moore is having a moonlight madness Sale. Everything is 25% off. this is a good time to pick up the small things. I generally use my 40%-50% off coupons on things that cost $10 or more dollars. Like the pack of sock needles I want. I have not given up on my ballband earrings. I am making a cable clutch tonight on the machine. Yes I am going to sit at my machine. My santa swap apl makes lovely purses she showed me this cute red cabled bag i got to make. I have writtne a pattern and eveything. Now were supposed to pakc tonight but when we stop I am on the machine!It is a simple strip you fold in half. sew the sides and keep stepping. The author of the pattern sharpened two dowels like large eyeliner pencils and sewed them to her bag! oh but the pretty bow she used. Simple ribbon weaved through the bag and tied in the front. My swap likes blue just like me. I have some great blue left over form Elijah's sweater i saw last night. That and Lela's white ribbon her grandmother bought her. Oh! I need to put some in Lela's hair it would be cut with her hair do right now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Garterlac Complete

It is finished. I had to frog it about 17 times but I got it! I feel good completeing this I learned how to SKP. When The many helpful people on the Monthly dishcloth KAl told me what to do I felt silly. Like that's all. I was on halt for three days because I did not know what to do. Well another is going on the needles. Now let's see how long this one takes me. After this one a petal one is in line. The yarn I used for the Gaterlac was given to me by Linda my MD washcloth swap pal. I will be using the green she gave me for the petal washcloth.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Look at what I got!!!

Lunabud sent me these lovely items. Do you see that washcloths. I was going to send a simple round nine patch I see now I got to step it up. I will send a garterlac because I am almost finish with mine and I feel another one before I start on my petal one. Everything she sent was beautiful including the card. So I got to step it up there as well. If she reads this Thank you again. Oh the stichmakers I think are glass in my favorite color blue. And I think she made the candy corn so she sent me two sets of stitch markers. I should return the favor. I got the rest of the findings for the other stitch markers. Awaiting instuctions for my little skein of yarn. and then I think I will be done. I am thinking that I should buy another bracelet and then give them four of the same with one unique one. Then I will be done and noone has to wait. But I still need to do my washcloths. Part two of the washcloths swap will start soon so I need to move before I get backed up. So off I go.