Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yep another washcloth

Two ladies at work have told me that I am addicted. And like a true addict I replied, "I can stop when ever I want to." I have begun the petal washcloth. And I thought the ballband was easy no this one is so easy. I get mad when I do a point wrong. As always I need total concentration. I am sure the better I become at knitting the less concentration I will need. I get kinda of perturbed (A true addict I know) when people ask me what I am knitting or just strike up a conversation with me while I am knitting. "Don't I look busy to you!" of course you can't say that so I stop knitting to listen or talk. Because the last few times I have attemped to knit and hold a conversation I have to frog the point. And I am tired of frogging! I was switching cars with Leon and it is about a ten minute ride to his job. I did a whole point. That's how I know it is not me! but I digress.

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