Friday, August 29, 2008

Look at that!

look at what the NCEE girls made for my baby!. Ain't they just the sweetest. Would show you the yarn i bought on the outing as well but could find it at the moment. And how about i was all tuned up to make a neckerchief (sp) but ran out of yarn. Was really only enough in that ball to make a pair of slippers that i had originally planned to do but changed my mind. So now I need another ball so i can make my neckerchief(sp).
my new project a boho bag. I am trying to use stash yarn purple and brown it reminds me of peanut butter and jelly. I am trying to coordinate with my purple pea coat. I know it is early. But me , left the pattern at work and tryng to do by memory did it all wrong. So it is back to the drawing board. I don't have much yarn either so i am doing it in the round until I run out of yarn fold it over and call it a clutch. Viola Boho Clutch.
Now i went back to this pooh blanket but noticed that his foot is a bit squished(sp) because i am using a cross stitch chart on a knit blanket. They do not mix. So i made a new chart knit landscape a big one something like that . but now i look at the blanket like I hate to take all of that down. So that is where I am on that.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another one down

I have finished my quilt. now on to or should i say back to my crossstitch pooh afghan. I plan on putting the baby's initals and b day on there as well but one step at a time. my personal ravelympics not going so well all i have are two pant legs. no sweater socks or blanket. Just been working on portable projects so far. The mojo will come back. Thinking about going to SAFF but it is the same month as homecoming and that drive was a beast the baby will be very small. Maybe I could leave one baby here and take the other to SAFF I don't know but SAFF was fun. But the thought of pushing a big stroller does not seem fun and there were so many people there anyway. I could do a snuggli. Again we will see.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not sure what to say

Well at first I finished my granny square. Which was easy a good round trip and it was done. I was so proud that I finshed something I was inspired to finish somethingelse. My baby babette. I only had four squares to go. Well now I only have three squares to go. One eight round, the 16 round and the big daddy the 20 round.


I am bit bias being a swimmer but it does my heart good to see black folks swimming.
He is the first African-American to hold or share a world record (4x100 Freestyle Relay) in swimming.[6] He is also the second African-American to make the US Olympic swimming team after Anthony Ervin. Accoring to wikipedia. Anthony Erin In 2000, he became the first swimmer of African American descent to make the US Olympic team.that was at the Sydney Games. 8 whole years. Cullen said this morning on the Today show he would like to get more African American brothers in the pool! I was like what can I do Cullen. Just like a black woman yelling at the TV! Cullen practices right here in Charlotte, NC.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

this is why i do it

This is why I swapped. Response for one of my partners:
Thank you so much! They are so cute and they fit his feet perfectly!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My own Ravelympics

17 days is a challenge in itsself. So really do not want to join. I know if you say you cannot then you cannot. So I am saying that I can I just do not want to join the group, hence the title. really I am on the fence I have three days to decide. It took me a minute to decide what I wanted to make.
I want to make a layette


They will be made on the machine and finished by hand.

I plan to use the above burberry pattern. I have it already charted and everything.

This will fall into the baby dressage, afghan, designer discus groups.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Took a while but now i finally....

finished and mailed my swaps!I am ashamed do not get me wrong. I am now on the bad swappers list so i guess that pretty much seals the swap deal for me. But I am glad i was able to finish and ease some tense minds. I did not even take pics of the packages I sent.

Project wise i am still working on my shopper clutch, casting off at the moment. made about 5 pairs of slippers and still working on my granny blanket.

The granny blanket was the granny star now it is the granny square. I am debating on whether i should make some matching slippers. Not sure yet.

I am having a good time making these slippers kinda like making ballband washcloths. I keep making slippers out of different yarn to see what size i get. I have a microspun, cottonease, acrylic, cotton and a sock yarn pair. i am working those 2's to the bone. i want to make another pair of sock yarn. Leon says look at you making a whole bunch of booties like you did last time. When I was pregnant for I made a bunch of hats and booties thinking she was going to be like 6 lbs she was 8lb 1oz. I gave them all the the nursery. I know he will not be able to fit all pairs when he comes out but those sock yarn ones look pretty small. if I do like Crimson purl did (weave the elastic thread through the top) they should actually stay on. i have had the energy to knit any hats for him just slippers. I want to try and find him matching onesies but he has enough white ones that will work he may need some more.