Friday, August 22, 2008

Another one down

I have finished my quilt. now on to or should i say back to my crossstitch pooh afghan. I plan on putting the baby's initals and b day on there as well but one step at a time. my personal ravelympics not going so well all i have are two pant legs. no sweater socks or blanket. Just been working on portable projects so far. The mojo will come back. Thinking about going to SAFF but it is the same month as homecoming and that drive was a beast the baby will be very small. Maybe I could leave one baby here and take the other to SAFF I don't know but SAFF was fun. But the thought of pushing a big stroller does not seem fun and there were so many people there anyway. I could do a snuggli. Again we will see.

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NikkiJ said...

Orrr, you could use the stroller basket to hold your new acquisitions. Tiny babies get heavy after a while too.