Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Madie 2

this one is made out of red heart acrylic double stranded. I put handles on this one. I was going to line it but I did I not have enough purple fabric. the bottom is a bit pointy not sure how I am going to remdy that. It came out nice. I think I like it without the handles though. I should have done the whole bag in black and purple I like that. I am going to do a black poppi pin for this one. I like the name Madie.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A wonderful time was had

I have no pics of SAFF but I had great time! So much fiber and yarn i was inheaven and i have made up my mind that I am going to learn how to spin. The pic is of my Mdison clutch. I had to have it. Stayed up till 12:30, 1:00 Am finishing this bag. I even put a lining in it! now if that was not amazing. Now i have to make my gold or yellow perky poppi pin and attach a magnetic then i will be done done! Am i working on Madison clutch 2. I do need another name.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Fall Must Have

of course this bag is $285 by Mimeki. Joan (on Girlfriends) rocks these in every episode! I am trying to make one now but i am trying to be fancy and do a mosstitch and it is taking me forever. I am about to go to the machine or hand knit with chunky yarn on the 15s. it is nothing but two sides and buttonhole handles. you can go in a round to make it quicker or straight stocking knit on the Machine. This is why i want the seed stitcher then i could have my moss stitch bag quicker! Oh and it converts to a quick tote depending on your mood ( websites words not mine).

Monday, October 22, 2007

The light came on!

I was browsing Ravelry for baby booties and i cam across debbie bliss garter sttich shoes and they were finished with a bow. The light came on! I can finish my slippers the same way. These poor things have been siting for the longest waiting on me to find the trim I could find find it. Iwas worried by time i found the trim the baby would be too big but no worries since i made them jumbo size.

my baby knit two rows!

She said she

wanted me to teach her how to knit so i did. She is a leo and stubborn as all get out. I am helping her she i am holding her hands to guide her she snatches her hands away and says i got it. Mind you she is four. But she really had the hang of it. if we keep at it I may have a four year old knitting buddy!

My attempt at Machine cable knit socks

You cannot really tell but i tried to put cables on the front of the sock! The first sock i didi 2x2 cables twisted every ten rows. but then you really cannot tell the are cables. Next sock i didi 2x2 cables twisted very 5 better but still really didi not look like cable i need to work on it. Maybe i sould have released two stitches on each side of the cable instead of one. I wil give it a try. How do you block wool with out felting it?

I did some Machine Knitting

I finally made the baby her requested pair of pink socks i made them a little too big but that is ok she will grown in to them. I also made some white ones. Notice how I made one longer than the other need to pay attention next time.
I tried to make a skort. Ithought i could make some panties and attache a skirt. But if this is supposed to be a soaker where is the room for the diaper! so i stopped. Even if I was to make a protype what baby is wearing this and when. But i am proud of the fact that I designed the pattern myself with knit wear!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finished Object

I am done. It was nothing but the Lord when I found that light yellow! I had just enough. Next one I do must have complete blocks. It is not bad though. Next is a white cardigan to compliment the blanket. With cute tulip buttons. What type of trim for the blanket though.

Monday, October 15, 2007

E.E. Meet up

This is the only pic I took during the meet up. Sorry I know. But I had a great time I met two people from Greensboro. With children the same age as mine! I was so excited. Everyone loved Ganache I was glad. because I really did not know where to go. I was late to whole thing I was so embarrassed. How you goin' host and be late! I missed Yarn etc. I need to go back and get some spinning lessons. I did not buy anything I ended up going to AC moore and buying some woolease thick and quick. In the pic we are at Stitch Point. at the half off table. but we really didi not see anything we liked. What didi I get out of this meet up. I need to make my ballet T. Stacey's looked great!

Friday, October 12, 2007

*&^%$ or get off the pot

Ok so I was crying the other day "i lost my mojo I don't know what to knit, bla, blah blah" So I didi something about it. I talked to Raena the other day ( she hurt her wrist so she has been out of the craft pocket) and she was like Iwant to make this log cabin blanket (the courthouse steps one from mason Dixon Knitting) I was like I do to I have a crochet pattern just can't figure out how to crochet it like that . I looked at the pattern for a while and it came to me in an instant. See All I need was to talk to someone. Ranea laughed at me. I had tried to do it one time before but I was doing it wrong last night banged it out. I am almost done. I love this pattern it crochets up real quick. probably would have been faster if i used a bigger needle. but me never being satified I am still not happy becasue I wanted four solid rounds but I ran out of yarn. It is still cute and I accomplished something.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I guess I love a challenge

I went to barnes and noble last night. I looked up this pattern. It is simple just two panels sewn together sorta like a poncho. One panel is longer than the other and you add a collar. The collar is what has me wanting to make it so bad. Here is the kicker this pattern requires 10 yes i said ten balls of Blue sky alpaca bulky. That yarn is 15 dollars a ball. a 150 poncho? I think not. But it is so pretty. All i need is the pattern for the collar I can make a plan one on the machine! It would not be as bulky. I can use Woolease thick and quick that is 6-7 a ball. Still 60 70 poncho. But I am worth it. think about this if I made a 150 pncho and washed it wrong and felted it you talking about hot! I am thinking of for going my jumbo fat bottom bag and getting the woolease t&q for this instead. Point is i have to have it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what is next?

for the last three days i have tried to start something baby. I have a baby shower coming up in Nov. This may be one baby I make nothing for. I think it is becasue I know i don't have enough yarn. I don't know. what I really want to make is a Gucci inspired purse. The other day I went to a Jewish festival and I had my Fende bag i folded it in half to make easier for carrying and I loved it. Instanly I thought of Girlfriends and all the cute clutches they rock (mind you there is nothing in those purses but that is not the point) so i thought i could make one and even put a snap on it to keep it closed ( because I did end up unfolding from the wrong end dumping all contents on to the floor. Thank you so much for the two little boys who were there in a blink to pick all my stuff up). I even started it (here comes the excuse) I dropped both stitch markers, it is taking way longer than i planned , it is really thin yarn, blah blah blah. if I really want it I will just do it. and since i already did the base i should just do it. I learned something too. Raena always say she cannot or at least have not tried to knit in the round. I am like if I knit in the round you definitely can knit in the round but you know what I pick up stitches then knit in the round it is much different than casting on and trying not to twist the stitches! Which is why I have yet to do my Ballet T. maybe my motivation has changed at first i was always motivated to finsh something for someone else now I am more motivated to finish stuff for me. and I am not actually finshing anything cause i have to be in double digits right now on bags that need lining.
But on the map: the miter square wrap from Interweave knits, ballet T from Loop d loop and my gucci inspired bag. You know what I want that wrap off the cover of loop d loop crochet book. The one with the collar. Espaecially if we wear knee high botts that wrap is going to set what I ever i wear off. Now I am sure of the color that i want to knit probably black and grey or crimson and cream I guess it depends on the boots? it may even be brown or tan either way I want it!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I liked it so much I made two

I decided on one handle due to a suggestion on the granny along blog. She suggested my bag looked like the chole bag on berrocco I agreed and went in that directions. I didi one handle double crochet and the other single crochet. I like the single crochet. So I am going to change the double to single. Now it also goes on the pile of need to be lined bags. But since one of them is a gift I need to get on it.

And a name for this bag Wilobo (willow block hobo )

. Also it has been sugggested that I make the handle wider. I wll do that on the bag I need to change to handle on anyway.

Friday, October 05, 2007

101 Ideas: Knits

101 Ideas: Knits
I do not even wear hats but if I could make this one I would!

Not so dreaded swatch

My co worker is expecting her first great grandchild. We don't know what it is. and instead of the traditional yellow I went with black and cream. That still may change as well I want to say it is supposed to be a spring baby and I may go with a more neutral spring color like white. I am going to do either a big dotty baby bag or blanket ambitiously I thought I would do both but nah! I like the top motif of variegated border and cream dots. or the black border and cream dots. Don't want to do black dots because it will get linty (if that is a word). The swatch is sitting atop the German granny bag.

That was then this is now


I stared out with 16 willow blocks and I got a bolster pillow when I wanted a bag. So I took out two blocks from each row and I got a small squat bag. Point is I got a bag not bad if I say so myself. I need help with the straps becasue I am not sure I am doing them right. I will go to granny along and look at the translated pattern.

Micro Mini's

the one of the right is a micro mini ballband washcloth. Cast on 21 do 5 bricks. The one on the left is a micro mini dotty (Micro dot for short) I cannot finish the micro dot till I finish the ballband because i want them to be the same length. But i can tell you cast on 20 follow pattern to desired length. These will be baby washcloths.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Big Dotty

I am making a baby blanket and a baby bag. Big dotty style. I am just swatching right now to see what color combo I will go with, so far not balck dots with cream border I am working on cream dots with black border. I also wnat to do A varigated border with eith a balck or cream dot and a varigated dot with either a cream or black border. This is just like a ballband washcloth. The possibilities are endless.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Homecoming was great

Add and Subtract is 10 years old! We had 8 of the 25 present! can you believe it! That is what I love about homecoming. Seeing people you have not seen in years.