Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I liked it so much I made two

I decided on one handle due to a suggestion on the granny along blog. She suggested my bag looked like the chole bag on berrocco I agreed and went in that directions. I didi one handle double crochet and the other single crochet. I like the single crochet. So I am going to change the double to single. Now it also goes on the pile of need to be lined bags. But since one of them is a gift I need to get on it.

And a name for this bag Wilobo (willow block hobo )

. Also it has been sugggested that I make the handle wider. I wll do that on the bag I need to change to handle on anyway.


Adrienne said...


Virtuous said...

Looks great Toni!!

I see why you couldn't just get one!

I can't wait to meet you this weekend! :oD