Monday, October 15, 2007

E.E. Meet up

This is the only pic I took during the meet up. Sorry I know. But I had a great time I met two people from Greensboro. With children the same age as mine! I was so excited. Everyone loved Ganache I was glad. because I really did not know where to go. I was late to whole thing I was so embarrassed. How you goin' host and be late! I missed Yarn etc. I need to go back and get some spinning lessons. I did not buy anything I ended up going to AC moore and buying some woolease thick and quick. In the pic we are at Stitch Point. at the half off table. but we really didi not see anything we liked. What didi I get out of this meet up. I need to make my ballet T. Stacey's looked great!


Virtuous said...

Haha!! You are a mess gurl!
I am SO glad I got to meet you and the other ladies!
THANK YOU for organizing everything it was perfect!
Now you know really wanted that thick and quick for your wrap!!

Adrienne said...

I am glad you ladies had a great time! I wish I was closer!