Thursday, October 11, 2007

I guess I love a challenge

I went to barnes and noble last night. I looked up this pattern. It is simple just two panels sewn together sorta like a poncho. One panel is longer than the other and you add a collar. The collar is what has me wanting to make it so bad. Here is the kicker this pattern requires 10 yes i said ten balls of Blue sky alpaca bulky. That yarn is 15 dollars a ball. a 150 poncho? I think not. But it is so pretty. All i need is the pattern for the collar I can make a plan one on the machine! It would not be as bulky. I can use Woolease thick and quick that is 6-7 a ball. Still 60 70 poncho. But I am worth it. think about this if I made a 150 pncho and washed it wrong and felted it you talking about hot! I am thinking of for going my jumbo fat bottom bag and getting the woolease t&q for this instead. Point is i have to have it!

1 comment:

Virtuous said...

Wow that is alot of yarn!

But I agree if you want it bad enough you ARE worth it! :o)