Monday, October 22, 2007

my baby knit two rows!

She said she

wanted me to teach her how to knit so i did. She is a leo and stubborn as all get out. I am helping her she i am holding her hands to guide her she snatches her hands away and says i got it. Mind you she is four. But she really had the hang of it. if we keep at it I may have a four year old knitting buddy!


Virtuous said...

Oh my gosh that is so great!

I hope she sticks with it and you have a new 4 year old knit buddy! :op

That would be a great story to tell her when she grows up how she learned at the age of 4!!

Plots_star said...

wow!!!! that is auper duper...I should have know that your super talent would rub off on her..That is so good. so when should I look for the 2 Divas knitting & crochet books.