Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What would you do?

Now first off is my extra long sides! what do I do do I cut it off or do I extend it and make it the handle. My co worker wants it even though it is a duffle bag. She suggested i cut off the extra and put some extra long wooden handles on it. She even offered to make the handles. it is a pretty bag. it is just huge! So if you read my blog, come my blog on accident please tell me what you would do. Thank you.

Finished something...kinda

two mini's down. I need to tuck in the ends but pretty much they are done. And you know what I still have some yarn left I am going to make a square on the diagonal. Start with the light purple til I run out them do the dark purple.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey Now!

I spent the weekend at the beach. We stayed in a condo. It was so nice! I feel unexpereinced uncultured (if that is word) the master bedroom had a feather bed! my goodness I did not want to get out. The beauty of that place has inspired me to get my own niceness! Every room had a flat screen tv entertainment armoires (sp) the one in the living room had the pocket doors that I love. But the ones in the other room had these doors the fold flat against the sides and the condo owner put mirros inside the doors (or they came with them) either way I was in love.

Knitting : I made a mini ballband washcloth on the way to the beach.

I have one in the opposite colorway on the needles right now that will probably be finished during my lunch break. That is why I love the minis they go so quickly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What did I tell you!

What did I tell you? Duffle bag. I am making a duffle bag! This thing is bigger than me! I just finished making the side and bottom band and I was like this is too big. So I lay out my sqaures and nope just right. Duffle bag.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Larger than Life Progression

So far so good. I am crocheting a duffle bag. Iam not even finished and I already have another bag in mind. a clutch. just four square in a row. Green black and white crochet nylon (because that is what I have at home) Oh! that is going to be oh so cute.

Babette progress

do not mind my ashy feet pay attention to the squares. This has proven to be a bit harder than I thought. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Funny Quote

"...I know the species (men). There is not one straight, gay or quadraplaegic, I would not say, "He would cheat on you."" this was from the new show on Lifetime about the therapists.

On a craft note i am trying to finish the several bags I started. I am trying to finish something for a change! I actually have sewn together my blue black and white bag, and my khaki bag now i just need some lining and handles.

The Babette was kicking my butt. I could not figure out which colors to use i felt like I was trapped in a box. My resdient color theorist (Michelle) said just put them all on the table and pick out which ones go together. That helped because I had all my yarn in a bag and I was just grabbing yarn and it seemed like none of my colors went together. Thank you Michelle!

I made about three granny squares I have no clue what to do with but I saw a site about sharing a square for charity and so now I can give them to the charity. I will make one more so that they can have at least a block.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ice Tea recipe

I bought a ice tea maker a while a go and I just love it. We like the lemonade ice tea mix and I decided to make my own the other day. Came out really well been making pitchers ever since (it has really only been about three days now) but last night I decided to use the other tea bags I had and hence the below recipe. it has a slight peach flavor.

Tropical Arnold Palmer

3 - family size Tetley peach and kiwi ice tea bags
1 - can concentrate lemonade
1 ½ - cups of sugar

Into the pitcher, measure fresh, cold-water tot the 3 qt water mark. Pour into water reservoir.
Add water to pitcher to the 3 qt water mark. Add lemonade and sugar.
Add tea bags into tea steeping basket.
Fit pitcher into place for brewing. Turn on machine let brew.
Stir to dissolve sugar; chill
Makes 6 qts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Food for thought

What kind of man or woman are you showing your child how to be. I heard that from Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Freedom land. He said, "...that is the kind of a man I showed him how to be."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitted Kitty Updates

Ok I am altering the knitted kitty pattern (removing the profanity and adding the number of garter ridges) and I see I lefet out 6 rows (3 garter ridges) form my pattern! Hot Dog! sad becase I am almost finished with my second kitty! Now I have to make a thrid one so I can one that is correct! Well that is that.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

now i am good to go

the pattern writer set me straight. 12 rows are 6 garter ridges. so that was 23 garter ridges. I had to take down 23 rows but i do not have to get more yarn.

Ok Now

I am trying to make this Kitty but I do not know if I show do 23 garter ridges or 46 garter ridges. I am almost complete with the 46 garter ridges and it looks much longer than the pic so I am starting over with a different yarn. Plus i am running out of fun fur. Hopefully I only need 23 then i wll have enough to finsh the whole kitty without haing to buy more yarn.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Close but no cigar

I am almost done. I bought some trim and sewed it on one of the slippers but i did not like it. I saw some feather trim which i think would be real cute diva slippers but it was 9.95 a yard even half a yard I was paying $5. So I went with the $2 white poof ball trim. So now that I wasted $2 I need to hunt down some rosebud trim which is what I was looking for to begin with. I want little yellow roses on white ribbon.
These slippers fit my baby's feet. Hopefully when I wash them they don't but even if they stay this large I can call them garter stitch toddler slippers. I am going to make the largest size with the white cotton for my baby. I am not sure how the author of these slippers got them sound round at the toe? I will figure it out.
I have started a Knitted Knitty. I am using white fun fur. I plan on attaching him to my larger than life bag (turning my bag into a pseudo pet carrier) she will have a big red bow with a pyramid or elephant charm. Cute! Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Garter stitch silk slippers

These need to be finished before i go down the road tomorrow. I just need to sew them up but i want tissue paper and a nice package oh my goodness i need ribbon or trim as well. i may have to mail them to her even though I am going to see her friday! Sorry I know.
I worked on my babette some at lunch. Man those 8 r's take some time. this blanket is going to be a real task. If the 8 rs took me this long and i have only completed two. What about the the bigger ones? If I do al of the 8 r's i wll run out of yarn. I need to do at least one of each square so that I can have may be one sqaure in each section out of the same yarn.
At the CB Meeting this weekend we plan on making squares for greensburgh. I had already planned on making some on the machine but hey why not as a whole. Garter stitch as well will not take long.
Looking at my slippers you can see the inc on the second one. See the first one i did the inc by knitting in the front end the back the second one I did YO inc.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Almost done

I am almost done all i have left is the sides and the gussests.

This is going to be a big bag I am thinking baby bag. No not for me. But lately that is what I have been thinking about do a layette. and I want a matching baby bag. Anywho i put a border around each square even though the pattern did not call for it.

What else is in the works. a teddy bear made with the moods yarn i bought from Rave knits. I think I am going to make some booties out of the tahki cotton instead of the sandals for ann's grandbaby I may just give her the yarn. It is really pretty yellow.

And i have started my actual babette with the blue yarn i got from michelle at the last meeting. I have made may things with the yarn i got form her. At first I was like i do not need any yarn i am not using the yarn i have blah blah but in the end all the blue was still there. and she was justgoign to throw it away. So why not take it home. and I am actually using it. I am also considering making something lacy with the black yarn i got from Vera a while back it is sitting there saying make something with me. I found two small balls of purple cotton they keep saying mini ballbands you know you want one! I saw a lady with a wrap at the airport when we were leaving San Francisco that looked handmade and i said I want one of those. I know i can whip it up on the machine. Just need to find the yarn. And now i am making (well i have not actually started) squares for the rebuilding greensburgh thing at sugar bunny blvd blog. I ahve always wanted to mass produce something on the machine and why not for a good cause. I wanted to do the the warm up america sqaures on the machine but i felt like i could crochet them faster and that is what i did. because i have to swatch first this will take some time. Once i swatch it is all down hill from there. You know do i have stash yarn? I am not sure I may not no big deal it will work out.

Oh yeah, my DOT bag is smaller than my Larger then life squares so i may end up using my bag I got on the cruise instead. or making my lining and zippper or at least paying someone to do it for me. I need a skein of yarn too. The sides and bottom are pretty long i don't have much yarn left. But that leaves me time for more crochet projects.