Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2 of twist n curl

Question I re twist my hair everynight is that a two day old twist out? I guess so. I did my twists a little bigger today I felt my looked real thick kinda matted yesterday so I made sure I really broke the twist up today. What I do it make two twists and then put them on a roller when I run out of rollers I twists them in bantu knots. By baby buttercreme is holding in there still soft and greasy.

Live your life as hard as you can!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Even though

It was not dry my hair came out cute I tried to blowdry it some I guess it would of been worse. Got my stunner shades on wore some yesterday too but my hair was a baby brillo pad. Say la ve. 

Live your life as hard as you can!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twists out

It is a fail I did not do the shea butter mix so it is puffy! It is dry too. May just run some shea butter throug it and call it a day. There are many styles I can do with a twist out. So I not sad at all

Live your life as hard as you can!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Plan b

My hair did  not dry so I am  rocking my hat (chocolate kisses) I will re wet and reroll it when I get home and then see this may have been a do on fri take down on mon trial an error if it does not curl then I will just rock a twist out that is the beauty of being natural don't stress it.

Live your life as hard as you can!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I took down my twists  my scalp was itching too bad same as when I did the sewin. I watched one video and she said she did a hot oil treatment because she had the itchies real bad. So now I am deep conditioning my hair with olive oil and conditioner. My deep conditioning regiment is put condtioner in my hair and tie a bag on my head then tie my head scarf on my head let sit for an hour or so. When I get my steamer I won't have to do it this way. Jersey styles said the heautiful steamer cuts her conditioning time way down. I plan on doing a twist and curl but since I started doing my hair so late I won't be able to take my hair down til tuesday.

Live your life as hard as you can!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I cannot wait

For april I am trying to keep hair braided until then. I think I have cracked the wash n go. On the front of my hair yesterday I put water water oil and gel. Today it is soft and moving . I did have some leave in conditioner on it as well. And I used prostyle. My hair is not white it has some shine it even has curls on end like I got some good stuff you know some indian in my family.
Live your life as hard as you can!

Co worker's dontae

While making multiple dontaes to find one my husband liked my boss requested one. That maybe because I kept asking him to try on my husbands. Anyway I made it he wanted his smaller so I made it 90 sts hopefully this is what he wants. Update 3/15/11 he wants it smaller! Man i made it 90sts. He wants a mekhi sized hat.

Live your life as hard as you can!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby legs

I watched some youtube videos and I felt like I could do that. So I tired it and look at that I did it. But I put them on the baby and he cried till I took them off so now they are arm warmers for my big baby.

Live your life as hard as you can!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Look at that curl pattern

When I started going natural I did not think I had a curl pattern. The longer my grew the more curls I began to see. So this is me second time doing a wash n go I co washed and raked a whole bunch of prostyle clear ice in my hair while it was dripping wet. I liked the way it came out but it was crunchy. So my next feat is this cute style but have it nice and soft. Shidanaturals is soft and moving. I haven't got the right product combination or budget to get the right combonation but I will get there because prayer works. 

Live your life as hard as you can!

I did my own kinky twists

First I did my daughters  hair then I said why not and did my hair too.  I did flat twists in the front and singles in the back. Got to keep lelas head tied up or she won't make it to the end of march. Yesterday I woe a low ponytail with my cadet hat. You could not tell me anything. Need to work on a stylish bun so  when I take my hat off. Anyway I like it. How am I going to wear it next month. Trying to keep it braided until july. Going for shoulder length by july.

Live your life as hard as you can!