Friday, August 29, 2008

Look at that!

look at what the NCEE girls made for my baby!. Ain't they just the sweetest. Would show you the yarn i bought on the outing as well but could find it at the moment. And how about i was all tuned up to make a neckerchief (sp) but ran out of yarn. Was really only enough in that ball to make a pair of slippers that i had originally planned to do but changed my mind. So now I need another ball so i can make my neckerchief(sp).
my new project a boho bag. I am trying to use stash yarn purple and brown it reminds me of peanut butter and jelly. I am trying to coordinate with my purple pea coat. I know it is early. But me , left the pattern at work and tryng to do by memory did it all wrong. So it is back to the drawing board. I don't have much yarn either so i am doing it in the round until I run out of yarn fold it over and call it a clutch. Viola Boho Clutch.
Now i went back to this pooh blanket but noticed that his foot is a bit squished(sp) because i am using a cross stitch chart on a knit blanket. They do not mix. So i made a new chart knit landscape a big one something like that . but now i look at the blanket like I hate to take all of that down. So that is where I am on that.


Nik said...

Glad you like the blanket :D

Virtuous said...

Finally get to hear & see the blanket! Yay!

Glad you liked it too! Sorry I couldn't make it to the gathering!
Next time!! With the new baby!! :oD

MrsPurls said...

Glad you like the blanket! I really wanted to be there for the reveal! I hope it warms the baby when it gets cold!!!