Friday, August 01, 2008

Took a while but now i finally....

finished and mailed my swaps!I am ashamed do not get me wrong. I am now on the bad swappers list so i guess that pretty much seals the swap deal for me. But I am glad i was able to finish and ease some tense minds. I did not even take pics of the packages I sent.

Project wise i am still working on my shopper clutch, casting off at the moment. made about 5 pairs of slippers and still working on my granny blanket.

The granny blanket was the granny star now it is the granny square. I am debating on whether i should make some matching slippers. Not sure yet.

I am having a good time making these slippers kinda like making ballband washcloths. I keep making slippers out of different yarn to see what size i get. I have a microspun, cottonease, acrylic, cotton and a sock yarn pair. i am working those 2's to the bone. i want to make another pair of sock yarn. Leon says look at you making a whole bunch of booties like you did last time. When I was pregnant for I made a bunch of hats and booties thinking she was going to be like 6 lbs she was 8lb 1oz. I gave them all the the nursery. I know he will not be able to fit all pairs when he comes out but those sock yarn ones look pretty small. if I do like Crimson purl did (weave the elastic thread through the top) they should actually stay on. i have had the energy to knit any hats for him just slippers. I want to try and find him matching onesies but he has enough white ones that will work he may need some more.

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Nik said...

I stopped joining swaps because I don't get my stuff in the mail on time. It's difficult because of the hours I work.