Monday, August 11, 2008


I am bit bias being a swimmer but it does my heart good to see black folks swimming.
He is the first African-American to hold or share a world record (4x100 Freestyle Relay) in swimming.[6] He is also the second African-American to make the US Olympic swimming team after Anthony Ervin. Accoring to wikipedia. Anthony Erin In 2000, he became the first swimmer of African American descent to make the US Olympic team.that was at the Sydney Games. 8 whole years. Cullen said this morning on the Today show he would like to get more African American brothers in the pool! I was like what can I do Cullen. Just like a black woman yelling at the TV! Cullen practices right here in Charlotte, NC.

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MrsPurls said...

Girl you are funny..."What I can I do Cullen"...Hope all is well on your end!