Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing in makeup

I only did one eye I was going for green smoky eye going to take more practice.

My first peplum

Ok made it for me came out too small now it is for Lela. Boo. Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Outfits in Vegas (pic Heavy)

I had a blast!I began my trip with these relaxed linen pants and homemade top (I may blogged about this already. After a nice long flight we hit the ground running. We are on our way to center city (I think)or Aria. When Leon and I were there last time we did not get this far. The V Theater is in the the city center where we picked up our V cards which is full of free entry passes into the clubs of Vegas, many 2 for 1 drink specials at bars and other things. Well worth the money and our host got a deal on them. You see my Chuck's I was the only one in my house without Chuck's! Now after we had out first 2 for 1 drinks ate it was time to party. I started out in the romper but ended up in the maxi skirt turned dress. That night we went to Pure. Today we did the timeshare walk through. Now I have no money for a time share but I was game to give them three hours of my day for $70 cash a free ticket to the hypnotist show and a three day two night cruise oh and brunch (which that and the cash is really why I went). After that we did some more running, dinner, gambling and of course more clubbing and I think that night we went to Lavo. At Lavo they do it up big. Someone bought a bottle of DP and the girl came out on top of a mans shoulders twirling the bottle and something else. We went that night because it was hip hop night. That DJ was banging! I wore my peplum and skinny jeans. I told you were were rolling. This day we went to the Hoover Dam and the hypnotist (another post about specifics)and at the morning meeting (we were a group of 14 so we met many times)the plan was to chill after the hypnotist show but it did not quite go like that. We had a good time at the dam and after the show split into boy girl groups. That night I wore the romper and we went around using our v card and Karaoke. The night was filled with free shots and my drunken singing. A great time was had! This day (mind you I am wore out) we went to the outlet mall. I left early (I did most of my shopping before I left and I was sleepy)The plan was to help prepare for the cookout that evening and take a nap til dinner. But by time I finished chopping veggies and helping where I could it was time to change into swim suits take a quick dip in the hot tub before we ate and then went out so, no nap. I was tired and forgot to take a pic of my outfit but I wore high waist shorts animal print tank and flats. For the hot tub, I found a cute one piece at value village for $2.50 did not feel like a mom at all! We went to club Tao that night and they had a woman swinging from the ceiling yes she was on a swing! They give ladies a free shot when you walk in the door. To end the night we went to breakfast. I had two pancakes ham and a eggs for 2.95! I was so tired I could not finish it all and she actually forgot my order I was too tired to cuss her out! I wore my miley cyrus leather look leggings a top my family bought for Christmas (I am damn near 40 why a mid drif top? Anyway) So you know on Saturday our last day in Vegas was supposed to be the bomb but I was out. I woke up my head pounding throat sore. I was done I was in the bed til 2 am (I had to get up because I had not packed and the shuttle was coming at 5:45 am)and you know I almost left a draw full of clothes. Before we left for Vegas I bought this long sleeve polka dot chambray top (I had to go to two old navy's in the rain with two kids for this shirt)this and some linen pants perfect on the flight back but baby our layover in Minnesota was so cold I wished I had wore the cords I bought with the shirt. All in all I had a great time. Thanks for reading!