Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I still need to add the buttons and the pockets.
Let see I am almost finished with the panobo. I have 1 more row to go on one sleeve and four more to go on the other then I am going to wash it dry it and I think Iron it or steam it what ever makes my sc lay flat so that you can see that it was edged. I have plans for a second one with 8 inches of ribbing on the sleeves and neck opening. My plan is to do the sleeve ribbing on the machine for both sleeves and then rehang the opening and rib those two sides. I have Jobena's Baby Shower July 8, 2006. I will be on vacation from July 1-5. I have a funeral July 2, 2006. The baby needs her hair done I need my hair done. You know the second Panobo I am going to make out of another thin yarn like the red one. I really think it would look real good done with a thicker yarn. I need to give my hair dresser something in form of a thank you. I have a little bitty pony tail. I am oh so happy it will not be long before I have a doobie!!! Red Heart soft is a nice sportweight yarn I am sure about it's pilling effects. I need to make jobena's sweater hat and booties. I am thinking that I could do a bonnet and socks and maybe put them in a shadow box to give her an idea. That bonnet is ok till the end I was confused. Do I have time for that? When I can just do a mile a minute hat and call it a day. I want to put one of the poodle buttons on the hat and fold some of the brim up. I need to count the poodle buttons I need at least 6.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I did it!!!!

Click on the title. I made this without the lace detail. But I am still amazed I actually made a swatch and the details went to a use! Now I want to make other things. I was a little put off by the capri pants thing but I could not let that stop me. I am not sure how to work the lace pattern into my machine knitting pattern. See I had converted the pattern just as they had written it. Make two pieces and then sew them together. But yesterday I was looking at another shrug pattern and the light went off. Why not cast on the width and knit the length. This way I did not have to split the shrug. The same thing applied to the Panobo. Can I still call it a panobo if it is not the exact same thing? Remember when I made it the first time and it was big enough to fit Lela. I was worried about the fit when I was making it. I did not think it was going to be wide enough. Then when I sewed it up I thought the sleeves were a little short but a little pulling (not really sure if I should have did that)it was ok. I think once I wash and dry it will hang correctly or at least I hope. I am not exactly sure how to block it. I hope it won't make to much of a difference. You know how happy I am about this I am actually doing a crochet border with a steel hook. Ordinarily I do not crochet something that small or big. But this is for me and I am worth it. I am doing four rows around the neck and two rows around the sleeves I should probably do four rows around the sleeves as well we will see.
My concerns about the buttonhole bag which is what I will probably do tonight is the width of the strip I cut the width in half (or just about) to 6 (it was 11 or 12 I need to double check) It is till 22 that just seems so big but I do have to realize that this is pre - felted. I am nervous that I do not have enough yarn. I am worried about wasting my time. So many times I have made things wrong and had to start over. Maybe that will make me a better designer. Yes I consider my self a Fashion Designer. What is weird to is I did not knit for a long time and now that I have started I want to do more and more. And My baby asked me for her pink sock. I need to do the things I promised. Like Roz's scarf and Lela's socks. I hate obligating myself.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last night the capri's were a dud. I used almost an entire pound on Cotton on one piece. I am making mine in four pieces because I only have 130 needles. I need to be measured so I will know what size to pick on Knitware. I picked 46 49 inch hips sounds about right for my chunky tail. But honey I knitted 220 rows That is two baby blankets! I email Sheila and she said what size did you pick? Do they match your measurements? I said well I have not taken my measurements. Let me start over. So that went that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My first knit along

Tonight I will make some capri's. Along with a fellow knitter. She told me what to do and it does not sound hard. This will be the first pair of pants I have ever made myself. I make hat and scarves all the time this will be for my trip to the beach in July. I cannot wait. I know I can I know I can I know I can.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Goings On

My green onions are coming up. My money is gone so there will not be any strawberries or tomatoes. My hostas is growing. I am going to move it to a shadier spot in the house. The table by the door will be fine and make the other table just for pictures. I need to find a new place for the elephant ear. I am going to make shift something to fence the plant in because it is all over the place.
I untangled the purple wool it has some knots but it is done. Now I just have to find the first ball and make a swatch. I still have not made my buttonhole bag. I got the needles ready to cast on 52 but nothing. I still need to do Roz's scarf. I saw some Berroco silk and it is just like microspun. Oh Berroco suede is divine! Why does it cost $10 a ball! Ouch! Will not have any anytime soon.
The books I plan to read this summer are Summer Sisiters by Judy Blume, Green Mile by Stephen King and Wuthering Heights I think By Jane Austin I may have read this one already and if so I will replace it with something from around the house.