Thursday, January 08, 2009

My chunkball

My chunk ball is 4 months old today. Crafting.... I did make a thorpe i did not do the garter sts so my ears came out too long. I am making one for chunkball and I am doing the garter ridges. I also want to make a straw bag so I am looking for raffia jute straw something. I found some raffia 80 yards at michaels not sure if that is going to be enough. And I found it in a blue that is close to the wedding colors. I am trying to make straw bags for my bridesmaids you know summer wedding and I thought that would be cute.


Adrienne said...


Virtuous said...

Cute Thorpe! Cute baby!! He is getting big! :o)

Plots_star said...

Your hat turned out really cute, My tie did not work out I have switched to sock yarn so hopefully that works out better.

He is SOOO cute!!!!