Monday, January 26, 2009

Crafting trials

My family was gone to visit grandma so I crafted made this ice cream in about 1-2 hours. Not bad

For her wedding, Monica gave all her attendats and hostess a bag with that had flip flops and some other things in it. I want to do the same. I want to make the bag though. so i thought i could so a straw bag since it is summer time. so i bought the above pictured seagrass for $2.50 not bad. only to get the hot mess you see on the needles aslo pictured aboved. I tried it all together barely made a stitch so I untwisted to the plys and what is on the needles is what i got. so I need a new plan. I was telling Raena i need another plan she is going to try with suede yarn. I may try with straw colored crochet nylon. Nita Says just buy the bags! I may do that. Nita also said she may have some smaller sea grass at her house . she used to make baskets. if nothingelse that sea grass is going to make somr cute handles.

Look at my nephews they are only 12 and 11 but look how big they are i will try to post a pic of them as babies. Like my friend they have the nerve to grow up.

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