Friday, November 29, 2013

My b day

This year my bday fell on thanksgiving. So my hubby took me out the night before. We went to dinner and then bar crawling ( bar hopping) in the epic center in Charlotte this place was new to us. The arm bands gave us free entry to three to four places. Some were clubs others were a combination of restaurant and club or bar. We went to the suite twice they had the better drinks. I am way too old for that type of partying I was tired on my bday slash thanksgiving I did not want to go eat. I was like can't you just get me some cook out and leave me here. I had a GOOD time. He knows his wife! Only thing that could have made it better was to have my girls there I will work on that!
Since best buy opened up at 6 after we ate we stopped by best buy at about 5:45 Leon got in line and waited in the longest line ( the phone line) to get his wife a free g4. Great job bae!

B day out fit

Ok the plan was to wear this for my date with hubby on my bday but I was unable to finish it in time.
Pattern s1613
Size 16
Knit fabric (from hobby lobby)
It is only three pieces to cut (front back and sleeves)
Next up my red maxi dress I know how to fix it now yay me!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just being creative

I follow irockoutnikki on Instagram the dope girl tees are her creation and I made some local ones and some Greek ones. You know just playing around like I do. I thought I could not hurt to show what I did so I emailed them to her. I mentioned how she was looking for interns a while back and here were a few of my ideas. She responded back wanting to know if I was interested in being an I rock out apparel intern. I was like awww!
You know I had to get a creatively chic one in the next three are some local high schools and of course starting with the best DST I added some Greek ones that was pretty fun!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Da da da

Even though this is not going to make it to sports center (da da da) it should this jacket right here well you know the rest. I may try to reconstruct and over size blazer just seam rip and got at it but upon looking at my blazers they already have a bunch of seams. We will see.