Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mekhi is here
this the link to his page.

I did not want to have surgery but I had no choice the point is he is here. It took forever but he is oh so cute I just want to hold him all day. I am trying to nurse and it hurts like hell I want to quit. Please anybody with knowledge help me!

He has his days and nights mixed up he sleeps all day and gets up every two hours at night.


Debora said...

Well, Toni I breastfeed all three of my boys for a few months each. The best advice I can give you is to just take your time and relax when you start nursing. If your tense about nursing he will be too.

I would set up everything I would need for that period of time. Water to drink, a snack, and the remote control for the tv. Try different postition to see what works best for the both of you. My personal favorite.... the lying position. That way we could both get some well needed rest!

Hope breastfeeding works out.

Nik said...

Girl, I have no help for you on the nursing issue. My boobies hurt just thinking about it.

I was wondering if you'd had the baby. He's so precious. Congrats!

NikkiJ said...

Good advice from Debora. My son, 15 months. My daughter 12 months.

The pain will go away after a while. Your tits just have to toughen up. Use a moisturizer like lanolin after EVERY feeding. You know how much chapped lips hurt and your nipple skin is the same type of skin they say. Don't use nursing pads lined with plastic, this can cause cracking.

Keep it cool in the house so that bacteria doesn't have a chance to grow. You don't want the baby to get thrush. This will transfer to your boobs, and oh boy.

Try to feed him before he gets too hungry so that you guys don't get overly frustrated and so he's not sucking so hard.

Kick everyone whose not being helpful enough or those being overly helpful the hell out! Folks tried to tell me to go into my room so I could get some peace and quiet. Uhhh, why don't you go home or get started with cooking a meal or cleaning something up or get out. This my house. Ya feel me?

You can email me if you want some more advice.

QueenDBW said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! He is beautiful!!

I nursed both of mine exclusively. Just relax and use Lansinoh LIBERALLY!!!! Your nips will be sore for a while, but once they "toughen up" it will get better.

Some great sites for info are (or .org?) and

You go, girl!!!!

Goldenleo said...

Hi..It's been a long time since I felt that pain but oh boy do I remember it. The tip that I was given (from a lactation coach member of the LaLeche League)is to get as much of the nipple and aerola into the baby's mouth as possible. It made a big difference for me and I hope i helps you. Congratulations!