Saturday, August 29, 2009

Days 4 and 5 of the 6 day detox drop

i am have actually lost 2.5 pounds. I had to walk to the annex and back i think that gave the 1.5 lb. Day 4 was not that bad closer to six . I forgot about my snack while out getting things. But i made it through the day. today was better i got breakfast much faster than usual today was easier to stick to the schedule. no rushing to get out of the house. But i was off 5 hours for lunch it took all day to get to harris teeter because i was trying not to go to harris teeter. And now i can't wait for mid afternoon snack. I have my cup of grapes starting at me! I am not proud but i did break last night and ate about a handful pan fries. I should not have cooked my husband said why were you cooking i was like my husband can't eat sandwiches everynight. but they were left over and smelled so good i had to. I told my husband and he was like there goes your two pounds. I was doing so well my co workers who were supposed to be detoxing with me went to cheesecakes by alex (NCEE girls next time you come to greensboro we must go there) and called me on the way there to make sure I did not want anything and then came by my office with the cheesecakes and i did not break. But i have a true weakness for potatoes. and they were good. The next part of the program is called the 21 day metabolism makeover and i saw a recipe for quick pan fries so i tried the last night. so that is days 4 and 5 in a nutshell sunday is my last day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 3 of the 6 day detox drop

I am a bit discouraged I have only lost 1 pound. My husband says I need to follow the program to the tee which is what the audio cd said. but i feel since i am not altering the menu the times when i do it should not matter that much. but i guess they do. Or i need to incorporate exercise. I am still not giving up though. i put too much money into this to give up. I ran out of carrot juice i am down to my last apple juice man! Code 10 Man Down as Frankie would say! at this point i should be down 5 pounds. well put some exercise with it and we will see.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crocheted ducks in a row

I am on the row with the ducks i am up to thier bodies. I should be done tomorrow. i started those cabled slippers and i started my overnight bag. I am only doing 1 repeat of the x and o cable hope i do it right. This is the first bag with handles i am putting in the store. I got no response on the main color for the Khole blanket so i am going with white. For the third blanket i am probably going to need some more yarn. My blanket does not look like Alexis' blanket. I thought i chained wrong but she said Ch 100 do 50 rows. I am at row 30 and it looks short and wide. Even though she is a left hand crocheter my blanket should not be that off. I meant to pull my machine aprt and put it back together let me go do that. i will get what i want from the machine. Will I have 100 needles after i pull it apart? we will see.

Day 2 of the 6 day detox drop

i ran out of fruit i want to eat a bowl of cereal but i cant give up. i am about to get my fruit so that i can have my dinner my time has been way off today. i think it is the casara sagrada that make me wretch not the chorllyphyl (sp is bad too lazy to check the bottle) today i was so focused on getting the green stuff down i forgot to take the pill so i took it after and i realized this was the taste i dread. I just had my misty red smoothie correctly (last night i had it with carrot juice instead of orange juice)Unsweetened orange juice is not easy to find. i bought an orange juice with 50% less sugar so my detox may not go exactly I may only lose half a pants size i need to work out that should really help. I am the olny one detoxing it was supposed to be three of us but i am the only one! I am seeing why it is very important to stick with the schedule because i am getting hungry. So tomorrow i will work on it. it took me forever to drink my smoothies today i need to drink them quick.
I am proud of myself for sticking to it. This morning i left my banana so i had to go to the framers market and get one my co worker had to convince me he said a commitment is a commitment. i was mad but i went. four more days to go.

Look at this a free pattern for the cabled slippers! i know i know say it ain't so!!!!!

Crocheted blankets

I am almost complete with the first of three crochet blankets. I am making these for my friends sister in law. I need to make some for the store. Depending on how my hands hold up I have not done this much crocheting in a while I have not charted an image in years. Funny part I want to say that was one of my main reasons for the knitting machine was to put names on blankets. I am thankful for Alexis she figured out how to make a crochet chart on excel. I made three charts since she showed me that I need to figure out how to make a knit chart! Any who back to crocheting will post pics and patterns when done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 1 of the 6 day detox drop

the day is actually not over but so far so go. I am not going to lie it is not easy. Liquid Cholorlphyll( sp) is nasty. I have to put lemon in it and close my eyes to get it down. My protien powder is nasty so that makes the smoothies a little hard to get down. they easier to to get down when you blend them. hence the word smoothie. the best part is the chicken broth. in about ten minutes i get dinner another smoothie. odd part, I am not hungry. I thought i was going to be starving. ok well let me get my water in 4 cups down 4 to go before bed time. wish me luck.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My pocket

I am actually lining my bags (go me!) and I have the nerve to add pockets plus a loop for your keys. I am very very new at this sewing thing the machine jams every single time but I don't give up. I pray that I get better.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Dog!

these are very cute my mind is churning trying to figure out how to do them without buying the pattern book. The oragne ones are free the purpla ones and the cable ones are in the patern book. I should be able to modify the free pattern. I really want to machine knit them i am working on that pattern but I may need to hand knit to get and idea of what i should do to machine knit them. Here is my idea on machine knitting them. Take Gina's pattern and jut so the heel half of the foot and the toe. But it is not going to cover as much of the foot that is my dilema. I got it instead of reducing the width (cuz i do want it to go over my foot thought i did not) reduce the length (cut the rows in half!) the light bulb goes off! Use the bond buzz cabling pattern so I have to alter the sts a bit but I think i got it. We will see.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

not sure of the term branded concept, image, household name. But I am trying to be it. Do not mind the fly away hair. And across them tatas you can't miss it! ok maybe I should have bought a larger t shirt.

See what I mean

Surf and turf with tan is great and I actually buttoned it somewhat like the inspiration. What helped me was laying it flat and then going by the picture. These are much better pictures than before.
The orginator of this neck scarf was great I emailed her twice and she answered straight away.

my take on some joodito things

I tried my hand at the frooty loops and the super chubbs green apple by joodito.
I thought i might like the frooty loops thinner but i did not. i could not fold my neckscarf like joodito but that is ok. I made another one in surf and turf. it is going to be so cute with my tan over coat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cute as a button

Or as I like to say button cute. Just the cutest knitwear ever! Now I need a knitalong for these!

Ok now the pink one is a jumper not much shaping doesn't look like any really. Sweater dress short sleeve a line dress straight knit not too hard, and you can make it to match the orange and brown sweater you know something for the boy . Cute for family pics. Can I crank out some of these in a month? Make the boys creme blue and brown or just see if the store sells a matching boy sweater?
Anyway the blue with the pleats? how do you knit pleats?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Oh yeah

I am done just enough room for wallet phone keys and lipgloss.