Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crocheted ducks in a row

I am on the row with the ducks i am up to thier bodies. I should be done tomorrow. i started those cabled slippers and i started my overnight bag. I am only doing 1 repeat of the x and o cable hope i do it right. This is the first bag with handles i am putting in the store. I got no response on the main color for the Khole blanket so i am going with white. For the third blanket i am probably going to need some more yarn. My blanket does not look like Alexis' blanket. I thought i chained wrong but she said Ch 100 do 50 rows. I am at row 30 and it looks short and wide. Even though she is a left hand crocheter my blanket should not be that off. I meant to pull my machine aprt and put it back together let me go do that. i will get what i want from the machine. Will I have 100 needles after i pull it apart? we will see.

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