Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Dog!

these are very cute my mind is churning trying to figure out how to do them without buying the pattern book. The oragne ones are free the purpla ones and the cable ones are in the patern book. I should be able to modify the free pattern. I really want to machine knit them i am working on that pattern but I may need to hand knit to get and idea of what i should do to machine knit them. Here is my idea on machine knitting them. Take Gina's pattern and jut so the heel half of the foot and the toe. But it is not going to cover as much of the foot that is my dilema. I got it instead of reducing the width (cuz i do want it to go over my foot thought i did not) reduce the length (cut the rows in half!) the light bulb goes off! Use the bond buzz cabling pattern so I have to alter the sts a bit but I think i got it. We will see.

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