Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2 of the 6 day detox drop

i ran out of fruit i want to eat a bowl of cereal but i cant give up. i am about to get my fruit so that i can have my dinner my time has been way off today. i think it is the casara sagrada that make me wretch not the chorllyphyl (sp is bad too lazy to check the bottle) today i was so focused on getting the green stuff down i forgot to take the pill so i took it after and i realized this was the taste i dread. I just had my misty red smoothie correctly (last night i had it with carrot juice instead of orange juice)Unsweetened orange juice is not easy to find. i bought an orange juice with 50% less sugar so my detox may not go exactly I may only lose half a pants size i need to work out that should really help. I am the olny one detoxing it was supposed to be three of us but i am the only one! I am seeing why it is very important to stick with the schedule because i am getting hungry. So tomorrow i will work on it. it took me forever to drink my smoothies today i need to drink them quick.
I am proud of myself for sticking to it. This morning i left my banana so i had to go to the framers market and get one my co worker had to convince me he said a commitment is a commitment. i was mad but i went. four more days to go.

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