Saturday, August 29, 2009

Days 4 and 5 of the 6 day detox drop

i am have actually lost 2.5 pounds. I had to walk to the annex and back i think that gave the 1.5 lb. Day 4 was not that bad closer to six . I forgot about my snack while out getting things. But i made it through the day. today was better i got breakfast much faster than usual today was easier to stick to the schedule. no rushing to get out of the house. But i was off 5 hours for lunch it took all day to get to harris teeter because i was trying not to go to harris teeter. And now i can't wait for mid afternoon snack. I have my cup of grapes starting at me! I am not proud but i did break last night and ate about a handful pan fries. I should not have cooked my husband said why were you cooking i was like my husband can't eat sandwiches everynight. but they were left over and smelled so good i had to. I told my husband and he was like there goes your two pounds. I was doing so well my co workers who were supposed to be detoxing with me went to cheesecakes by alex (NCEE girls next time you come to greensboro we must go there) and called me on the way there to make sure I did not want anything and then came by my office with the cheesecakes and i did not break. But i have a true weakness for potatoes. and they were good. The next part of the program is called the 21 day metabolism makeover and i saw a recipe for quick pan fries so i tried the last night. so that is days 4 and 5 in a nutshell sunday is my last day.

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