Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it has been a while

I know it has been a while but i really don't like to blog without pics. any who, this is my latest creation. A nylon thread buttonhole bag. See there is something about buttonholes. Now I just have to line it. I still have not lined my cotton buttonhole bag.

I am torn I want a big white bag (this seasons fashion trend) but since i had to buy another roll of black nylon thread i can make a hounds tooth buttonhole bag!what to do.
my co worker says she wants to make a hobo bag with the nylon thread. I am like ok i will get you a pattern and show you what to do then a light bulb went off, I can do one too with the thin thread nylon I bought from the latin market. Oh and i got to go back to the latin market and get the purple i saw before. that is what i am going to make my hobo bag out of! I am not sure if I have the right size needle. See now i am buying more yarn.

i am also hoping that after i wash and dry this bag it looks more uniform. For example i have alot of big stitches i keep trying to pull on so that it look like the rest.
anyway on to the next bag.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bad start

Well 4/1/07 was supposed to be the start of 100 miles in 3 months. Tomorrow will have be the start. I am going to walk 100 miles. In my house in front of the TV. I saw Meet the Robinsons today and Disney has a hit on their hands I really enjoyed it. Keep Moving Forward. Is what they said. I love it. I apply that to knitting so I started my Cable-icious KAL. I sat down today and wrote out my own (not a rewrite of someoneelses) pattern. I have plans on cabled baby socks and and a kimono (not cabled). All of these are machine knit by the way.

I need to get on my HKAL which will be the Jazzy chic line. Houndstooth baby bag, solid blanket and corrdinating swaeters hats and socks. "No project is too ambitious if you crave the result enough" Mason Dixon Knitting.