Sunday, September 27, 2009

Machine knit haul

got the word haul from you tube make haul anyway Ifinally bought some mk supplies I got the seed stitcher now I can make my anuck for lela. Two prong transfer tools so I can easily make cables I want to make mekhi a cable cardi coat really a jacket claw weights always needed those made socks without them this should make it much easier. Latchhook cause I lost my other one watch it turn up now.


Ithought that I was going to make these for me made a swatch and everything. But I did change the pattern a bit any how they came out lela size I need to sew them up.

Yeah right

I thought I was going to have the baby a new hat set by time I went to sleep but the hat is too small and too short I thought that 70 sts was going to be too big but no well back to the drawing board. It did feel good to mk again

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is going to be cute

this is going to be cute 24 squares to go. See the movement in the pictures the order was killing the baby he had to swipe the squares and mess them up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


first when i looked at this i did not know they were separate pieces. I laughed wondering how does she get into this sweater. Silly me. However this seems pretty simple to make on the the bond so I am going to give it a go. Here are my Thoughts. cast on the length and knit the width. This could be another ttd creation! No fairisle though maybe later even cabled!
Danielle Hood
One Size
Approximately 32” around at lower edge x 19½” long
Whatever to get you this size just make sure you swatch.
Cast on 19 ½ “knit 32” sew side seam. This is knit straight without the ribbing on the top or bottom or without the fairisle.
You could knit 1” ribbing then you would knit 1 inch convert to 2 x1 rib knit 30 inch straight knit 1 convert to 2x1 rib.

Monday, September 14, 2009

28 down 28 to go

now to begin the other 28 but my arm is hurting so I need to take a break. Even though my plan b worked out and I am still working on plan a I ran out of yarn while on vacation but I still want to complete sweet pea and theodora and put it in my shop.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

fiasco to fabulous

i think i have out done myself. i love the bows she has two older brothers so this was perfect it does not have her name but it represents all of the children. weaving in those ends was killer and it could be better. the ducks are not bad seeing that it was a knit chart. i will work on her name blanket while i am on vacation. next time put a skirt and pants on the ducks.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Twice as big

see how it came out way bigger than the green one Iam going to give two ducks bow ties and one duck a hair bow to represent khloe and her two brothers. So my soror won't be empty handed come sunday cuz I only have 3 rows of the khloe blanket done and I am going out of town tomorrow.

Ttd designs some more

I messed up the actual stickers that went on here so with the help of photoshop and spray mount I improvised and made these labels

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One more go

Another crack at the bat right from that casey at the bat poem. Anyway I just cannot admit defeat. So the plan is to just follow the knit pro pattern ch 96(98) and follow the chart. I do a whole bunch of planning. See i did three blankets lets see how many get done. Now this put sweet pea and her matching sweater on hold. the name blanket was plan A. Sweet Pea and Sweater were plan C. I get plan A to work no need for plan C!. Cross your fingers.


I am the epitomy of procrastination look up the word and you will see me. Now I know I have to have a blanket done before 9/13. I wanted it ready for today but of course i did not look at yarn until yesterday about 10pm. I was up all night trying to complete something . I did finish the duck fiasco (way wider and much shorter than the plan). I need to add the bills and the eyes. Instead of the doing a blanket with the name i am going to do a granny square blanket (sweet pea by lion brand) and hopefully a matching sweater. I got the idea from lion brand catalog. they had a pink and white sweater and then a sweet pea granny blanket to match. i thought that was cute but it is 56 squares. all of that before sunday! yeah! Well I do have 15 of 56. I am going to try and crank some more out at lunch. I am giving myself until thursady to be complete with both blankets and sweater. I may not present the duck fiasco. Oh but i did make two more neck scarves.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Such a pretty swatch

this is red hearts tweed it is nice Iplan to make a bag key plate 3 is what I used I should have used 4. I took the broken pieces off of my machine put it back together in one whole piece now I am about to start a blanket!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I lost 5lbs on the 6 day detox drop. I do feel better I have more patients with my children. I had them all day yesterday and I did not once regret not taking them to daycare. I am ready to take the next step I need to take pictures and measurements and stuff I want to eat a little more before I start though.