Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I am the epitomy of procrastination look up the word and you will see me. Now I know I have to have a blanket done before 9/13. I wanted it ready for today but of course i did not look at yarn until yesterday about 10pm. I was up all night trying to complete something . I did finish the duck fiasco (way wider and much shorter than the plan). I need to add the bills and the eyes. Instead of the doing a blanket with the name i am going to do a granny square blanket (sweet pea by lion brand) and hopefully a matching sweater. I got the idea from lion brand catalog. they had a pink and white sweater and then a sweet pea granny blanket to match. i thought that was cute but it is 56 squares. all of that before sunday! yeah! Well I do have 15 of 56. I am going to try and crank some more out at lunch. I am giving myself until thursady to be complete with both blankets and sweater. I may not present the duck fiasco. Oh but i did make two more neck scarves.

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