Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am knitting again

it has been a while since i picked up the needles. tried to start several things just did not stick but now i got. A bag of course. I am making another shopper.

I was looking at the new coach bags and i want these colors grass green and canary yellow. I do not know yet when yarn companies roll out their spring colors. Now that I look at it I did not do to bad on the green I did not think it was bright enough. The canary yellow may be a stretch. Where am i going with a bag that bright? I am not sure but it is cute. I can buy my interfacing from this and that lining i am not too concern probably the same lining i used for the last shopper it has green in it. I want to make a buch of pockets for this bag though. What i don't like about the original shopper or even any big bag is I can never find anything i just toss everything in the bag and regret it when I go to look for something. I love the bag becasue I can throw eveything in it but i don't like it for the same reason. So to remedy that pockets. I bought a cable needle although i have no idea on what to do with it but i may not use it and just do basket weave. This shopper or should I say my spring shopper will not be plain. If I do a canry yelow shopper i will have to be accessoried to the hilt. matching earring shoes shirts the bag must have a purpose i don't want to be like why is she wearing that bag. no that one can be plain. it is going to be too bright to focus on texture. oh bag feet or no bag feet. This and That sells bag feet for 3.50 I am thinking eight feet. oh got to go to AC moore and get theses handles hopefully they will be there I can get them for half off!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Legs and tutus

I am behind in the times becasue apparently there has been a pattern out to make your own baby legs and tutus for a while. Anyway here are a few links to some tutorials.
Baby legs there are severl but they are pretty much the same there is one out on the net where you slice the btoom cuff in half to tighten it on the leg;all

Tutus now this is the cutest thing i ever did see. I cannot wait to make my baby one. She is set for Halloween. And over the weekend I put a head band around her tummy to make sure it would not be too small. Even thought I am thinking about cutting a ribbon 1 yd long and tying the tulle on for 20" you know kinda like a tutu apron then it is adjustable the bigger she gets just add more tulle? and it is still no sew.
the baby has some leotards too i was wondering what i was going to do with them but now i know.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thank you Virtuos (crimson Purl) because i really was going to give up on the brim. I re did it with the insert and it still was not right i was close to tears I tell you but Virtuos said don't give up look for newsboy caps. So i did and came across yarncat's pattern for a news boy cap. Her hat was 66st and my hat is 64 sts perfect i followed her brim pattern to the t and i got it! Thank you Jesus!!! Yes it is that serious.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Baby Cable Hat

Trying to make my baby a hat this past weekend i made a little baby hat. it is the cutes thing! my next attempt will be a cotton one for the summer time babies. same pattern same hooks (H,G) cut the numbers in the pattern in half.

Wow! did not know this would be so hard

this is after several take downs and I still ended up taking this down. the brim was flat on my face. You see how it is laying flat on the ball. I believe I need to do two pieces and put and insert in the middle. I do not like the band. Not sure how to do the band to look like the one on the MJB hat. May just forego the band. I actually like the brim on the hat. never made one before. Did not really like brims. First time for everything. Back to the drawing board.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I told you I was creative

I went from a bag to a hat. Next time I want to try a sport weight or a lighter weight worsted like simply soft and see what I get next I have to make the baby's hat. My plan is to not inc to 80 and go from there. Leon says it is a female hat. I am going to make him a hat! have you noticed what I got for christmas? it is the best thing since bread! Not sure if I posted the pattern yet or not it is very easy too.
I have plans to use this pattern to make:
Cable Bag
Cable Neckwarmer

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It is suppoed to be a hat but it looks more like a bag

as i said in previous post next time i will use a smaller needle. But i did it does it count when it does not come out right? I was thinking of putting a ribbon through it and trying to wear it that way.

Beer Can Chicken

Over the holidays I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I made a beer can chicken. It was not for christmas or newyears but since i had to eat why not try something new. I injected the chinken with Ken's lemon pepper marinade and rub him in a seasoning salt and let it sit for a day. then i filled a tilt can with water and more seasoning salt and brushed him with oil and more seasoning (and i wondered why the skin was salty but Leon loved the skin) I cooked it slow for 3 hours and basted it every hour (that is why it so dark everytime i open the oven door it got darker).

It tasted great. Lesson learned do not baste in oil (I think that is why it got so black)
Only cook for two hours (the white meat was dry)
try with different marinades (loveed the lemon still would like to try more)
keep on injecting!

Side note I made this plate for my birthday my girlfrindes took me to mad platter.
What I learned from that
I had a great time making the plate
Plan out my plate much better ( I had a plan but it really didinot come out like i had plan next time make a sketch)
Learn a better way to put words on a plate
other than that I love the plate and the experience oh yeah next get a sitter.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I am not sure where I went wrong but...

My crochet cable hat is coming out way too big. Let me take you back. I was looking at Shamkea's blog and she posted about someone who made the hat on MJB album cover. I was browsing and i cam across the crocheted cabled hat. I thouhgt i could make the reflections hat witht ecrocheted pattern no big deal. well that was two frogs ago. I had to start the hat over twice before i got the pic to the right. Which I am happy about because it is finally looking like the picture but it is oh so big. the pattern says use j hook . But now the lady who made hers made two and the secons one ahe used a smaller hook. So I will call this the trial hat (although it looks like a bag, which it very well may be). My other question is when does it start coming down? I could just be tired of the hat I have been working all day on it. Due to the determination not to fail. Well anyway let me go knit a blanket that oh so way overdue. Which reminds me to keep my mouth closed and not offer to make anything for anyonelse. I want to say I am in a selfish crafting phase of my life. When I first started all I wanted to do was craft for other hell that was all I did but now I don't want to craft for anyoneelse because it takes time away from what I could be crafting for myself. "Hi my name is Toni and I am a selfish crafter."

P.S. anyone know of a good pattern for a crochet brim?