Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wow! did not know this would be so hard

this is after several take downs and I still ended up taking this down. the brim was flat on my face. You see how it is laying flat on the ball. I believe I need to do two pieces and put and insert in the middle. I do not like the band. Not sure how to do the band to look like the one on the MJB hat. May just forego the band. I actually like the brim on the hat. never made one before. Did not really like brims. First time for everything. Back to the drawing board.

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Virtuous said...

Yeah you may need to insert a board in the brim to make it sit like you want it too.

Wasn't there a newboy cap like that in one of the SNB books?!?

Check it out!
You will get it!