Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I am not sure where I went wrong but...

My crochet cable hat is coming out way too big. Let me take you back. I was looking at Shamkea's blog and she posted about someone who made the hat on MJB album cover. I was browsing crafster.org and i cam across the crocheted cabled hat. I thouhgt i could make the reflections hat witht ecrocheted pattern no big deal. well that was two frogs ago. I had to start the hat over twice before i got the pic to the right. Which I am happy about because it is finally looking like the picture but it is oh so big. the pattern says use j hook . But now the lady who made hers made two and the secons one ahe used a smaller hook. So I will call this the trial hat (although it looks like a bag, which it very well may be). My other question is when does it start coming down? I could just be tired of the hat I have been working all day on it. Due to the determination not to fail. Well anyway let me go knit a blanket that oh so way overdue. Which reminds me to keep my mouth closed and not offer to make anything for anyonelse. I want to say I am in a selfish crafting phase of my life. When I first started all I wanted to do was craft for other hell that was all I did but now I don't want to craft for anyoneelse because it takes time away from what I could be crafting for myself. "Hi my name is Toni and I am a selfish crafter."

P.S. anyone know of a good pattern for a crochet brim?

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