Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beer Can Chicken

Over the holidays I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I made a beer can chicken. It was not for christmas or newyears but since i had to eat why not try something new. I injected the chinken with Ken's lemon pepper marinade and rub him in a seasoning salt and let it sit for a day. then i filled a tilt can with water and more seasoning salt and brushed him with oil and more seasoning (and i wondered why the skin was salty but Leon loved the skin) I cooked it slow for 3 hours and basted it every hour (that is why it so dark everytime i open the oven door it got darker).

It tasted great. Lesson learned do not baste in oil (I think that is why it got so black)
Only cook for two hours (the white meat was dry)
try with different marinades (loveed the lemon still would like to try more)
keep on injecting!

Side note I made this plate for my birthday my girlfrindes took me to mad platter.
What I learned from that
I had a great time making the plate
Plan out my plate much better ( I had a plan but it really didinot come out like i had plan next time make a sketch)
Learn a better way to put words on a plate
other than that I love the plate and the experience oh yeah next get a sitter.

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