Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am knitting again

it has been a while since i picked up the needles. tried to start several things just did not stick but now i got. A bag of course. I am making another shopper.

I was looking at the new coach bags and i want these colors grass green and canary yellow. I do not know yet when yarn companies roll out their spring colors. Now that I look at it I did not do to bad on the green I did not think it was bright enough. The canary yellow may be a stretch. Where am i going with a bag that bright? I am not sure but it is cute. I can buy my interfacing from this and that lining i am not too concern probably the same lining i used for the last shopper it has green in it. I want to make a buch of pockets for this bag though. What i don't like about the original shopper or even any big bag is I can never find anything i just toss everything in the bag and regret it when I go to look for something. I love the bag becasue I can throw eveything in it but i don't like it for the same reason. So to remedy that pockets. I bought a cable needle although i have no idea on what to do with it but i may not use it and just do basket weave. This shopper or should I say my spring shopper will not be plain. If I do a canry yelow shopper i will have to be accessoried to the hilt. matching earring shoes shirts the bag must have a purpose i don't want to be like why is she wearing that bag. no that one can be plain. it is going to be too bright to focus on texture. oh bag feet or no bag feet. This and That sells bag feet for 3.50 I am thinking eight feet. oh got to go to AC moore and get theses handles hopefully they will be there I can get them for half off!


Virtuous said...

OOoh new stuff on the needles! Love the green! You thinkin' ahead! I likes! I likes!

Plots_star said...

Welcome back! I love the colors...really liking the green.