Monday, November 24, 2008

Crochet Cable Hat

I made this hat for khi khi and i thought all should see it in action!
You know I made this hat about 4 times (two for Khi and two for aiden) and each one I made different. You cannot really see the cable detail in the striped pattern.

Unexpected Snow

it was not even that much snow but she had to get out in it. If you can tell she took all the snow she could get off the car and made a snow cake.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Yeah!

I am going to make some fiber art work. Over at crochet by numbers group todd made a picture of obama smiling. He takes pictures and converts them to crochet graphs. You got to go there to really get the idea. My point is i want to make the Obama Smiles picture into a shopper. the trend i have noticed is large bags with short handles you carry in the crook of your arm. long story short I did my sample pattern with ease and now I am doing the sample pattern correctly (I did not do the cut and tie in the first sample)
I am concerned though. I was reading and it says the pictures are better viewed for afar that is why most people hang theirs on the wall as art. One lady did make hers a blanket. And it is going to be too big at 75 rows wide.

The plan is to make the bag in three pieces, picture, base, back. I want the same base as the shopper but crocheted.

If you join the crochet by numbers group on ravelry Todd will create a picture of your choice for free. Spread the word!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008


Halloween was great. You tell we are really in a depression way less houses offering candy than the years before. the ridley's stopped by. I was amazed they were witches too! Even Mekhi had on a costume he was Mummy's boy! And at first he was not going to go with us but daddy had to work so I bundled him up. The pakn was to get out of the car and walk around but with the house giving out candy so few and far in between i just drove. Now when I was little I would have killed to drive from house to house neighborhood to neighborhood. Any way so Mekhi was bundled up for nothing. He was probrably sweating!

Poor Lela she did all that work only to get in trouble. She still hasn't eaten her Halloween candy!

Voter Rally At A&T

Do ya'll want some of the Jigga man! Jay Z , Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles came to A&T. Each only spoke for a few minutes. I think they were trying to get people to the early voting poll which is the whole point. You can see all three in the picture. Of course Lela was there too miserable as usual! Mekhi slept the whole time Thank you.